I never really heard of "Buzz" until today when I am logging into my Gmail account and I was welcome to a Buzz login. I like the little colorful logo and it seems it integrates tweet feeds and other "friends" on your gmail account address book. But what do you think?

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I also looked it when i was going to login my gmail account. However it seems to be a social media like twitter. Hope it will be so popular as twitter.

Hello All
I also looked it when i was going to login my gmail account.but same as yahoo buzz.just look on it.


Hello All
I also looked it when i was going to login my gmail account.but same as yahoo buzz.just look on it.


every one got this buzz......Google also did not say if the recent launch of Google Buzz, which added social networking capabilities to Gmail. any how itzzzzz the time for google buzzzzzzzz.

Seems pretty cool and has some features that Twitter comes up (literally) short on.. but do we really need another social networking tool? Facebook and Twitter work just fine for me... I have to say.. i'm a little apprehensive :-\

Updates can be displayed on the Buzz interface along with a provision for showing updates from Twitter, Flickr, Google Reader and Picasa. It has a privacy issue that needs to be taken care of first. .

I would not be surprised if Google Buzz will include more "buzz" on so-called contacts and friends.

this buzz need learn morehow twitter do their business.I have try this seldom and I found this buzz is better with that photo space and link space.it have potential better then twitter since it already attached with Gmail with it millions users

I hope it will be more useful to seo guys as social media like tweeter and facebook.

i think google buzz has something to improve more...it looks boring to me.

simple way to say , i am fine , rather than sending "reply Email" .. Just a Value Added Service of Gmail :) !!
seems like they are tired of generating new different Idea than twitter

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A week after, what do you think of Buzz? I dont even check Buzz.

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