Well said mates, I'm also using forum posting, blog commenting and email marketing apart from these three.
But now a days I'm running with social media (networking site: facebook, twitter).

Social networking is best place to generate the traffic. Make a huge network on the social networking sites related to topic, join the groups and keep sharing the content on daily basis. Blog Commenting, forum posting, bookmarking and article are good source too to generate traffic.

There are more methods to generate traffic, Of which you have mentioned is a small and important part in generating traffic

You have to go for all Off page Techniques. Such as Directory submission, Social Bookmarking, blog comments etc. to increase huge traffic. First work on your page content.

Blog commenting, forum posting and Slide sharing is an another good way...

Be active on Social Media Platform to get huge amount of traffic to your website.

Blog comments,
Forum submissions,
press release
and SMO this are also the best way to drive the traffic on website.

Your should rank well for all the keywords your site is targeting in all the major search engine to get huge traffic to your site.

SMO is better way to increase the website traffic. Facebook, Google+ and twitter are the best social sites through you can easily get the huge traffic.

The strategy for getting traffic online on your website is a bit different from a normal SEO strategy. You need to focus on a few sources from where you can get traffic to your website, these sources are Blogging, Guest Blogging, Long Tail Keywords, creating targeted Social Media Engagement, increase participation in social networking websites and join relevant groups, building high quality back links, write an eBook.

Besides these three ways, there are many other ways to get huge traffic that also include social media marketing, directory submissionsand commenting on forums and blogs. A good quality content with strong keywords is also necessary to get huge traffic.

Social networking sites (SMO) is also one of the best technique to promote your website in short peroid of time.

Social sharing is also one of the best way to get traffic...

social media sites are best way to increase traffic in quick time

Hi Dude,

Social Bookmarking and Blah blahs are not trendy...It's Old..

If we bookmarked in those social bookmarking links,no all links aren't pillared for internet marketing..

Now trendy,

PDF Sharing
Ebook Sharing
Slide Sharing
Video sharing
Image sharing
Blog updation & Sharing

These Links are very strong pillared to get more stable incoming links.

So be aware of that and read trendy marketing way.thats more getting backlinks to your site.

Actually lots of way to get traffic from your website.
1. Content Marketing (Infographic, Ebooks, Whitepaper & Comics)
2. Content Curation (Scoopit, Stortfy & Pinterest)
3. Social Signals.

You can try this strategy methods for your website.

What about advertising website. Can you please clarify it.

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