The first post it`s kinda...stupid..
You can`t get huge traffic need to work hard...
The methods you shared are only a small part on how you can promote your website

hi, you are right, but there are other many ways by which you can generate huge traffic like social media marketing, social bookmarking etc.

here's a few more:

- article submissions

- comment on blogs

- classified ads

- directory listings

- link exchange

- forum posting

- press release

- social groups - facebook, linkedin, etc

- social bookmarking



Thanks for sharing this information.

This is the best way to get huge traffic on your website.

Three Simple Ways to Promote Website in very short period of time:

- Social Bookmarking Sites
- Article Website
- Advertisement Website

Using these three simple ways to get huge traffic from internet.

These are simple ways since all know about. But Working on this is only tough enough.

If we put good articles in high ranked websites the we may get good number of visitors. We can put the same in high ranked blogs also. we should have huge followers in twitter may give you huge traffic..

Any doubts ask me...

These are good things to drive traffic but instead of these things you can also use the blogging techniques. Try to add new blog post and then use the social networks!

these are methods to get ok amount of traffic not huge ..... if you want huge then do SEO .. the above methods arent bad to get some link juice

Remember that many of the above tactics may drive traffic in huge spikes for a brief time and others are just small gains in short term but you can see significant growth in long term.

Why do not you put more points that these methods
I am a novice
Some of you say is not very understanding
Thank you

its the matter how you accquire quality traffic, it doesnt matter how much you have, marketers can purchase like millions visits right away by pop-under networks in really cheap rate, which originated from the popunders while people downloading movies, mp3, or popup when visiting sites. The bounce rate per these traffic can be likely 100%. Volume is nothing while what we want is quality:)

Good three way sharing here but it's no enough

can you tell me some Social Bookmarking Sites ??

A very convincing forward face content and an excellent lead generation page will do the trick :)

Posting original content, getting quality backlinks, social networking are really best ways

Yes, I do agree with your points, Article marketing is the way to get massive traffic. I had done that and getting huge traffic from the articles, however, I have to do it continuously with good writing to get more and more traffic. :)

i m not agree with you bro because not enough this 3 way to getting huge traffic need more activity

If you use social media to debelop a rapport with people who follow you by making personal contacts with them, they will buy from you. It takes time, but it is worth it. Going for traffic just for traffic's sake is not going to furnish you with a single sale. Now, having said that, if you have a site that gains a lot of support and momentum from fans of your particular niche, then you can sell ads to other people to be featured on your site so that they can access your audience, that can give you some income. But your audience must be the kind of audience that is willing to buy, nobody is going to pay for ads that won't bring in returns. Wish you well!

These 3 are not enough for getting huge traffic, as everybody needs conversions from the traffic and these 3 are not confirmed for the traffic booster.

The 3 methods are only a small portion of what you need to do to get traffic. Its a process!!! If you want help you can try this. 7 Free Reports at least its free and will give you alot of great ideas.

Social Bookmarking | Blog Posting | Yahoo answering

Getting traffic is not an issue but holding it is a big deal so for this you have a good blog / content or posts on your site where you are taking some one.

Yes,Exactly..I also agree with the above post .social bookmarking and article posting,classified ad posting they all are best and easy to be applicable on website.Because every reader wants to read unique content.


I agreed with your post. There many sources available in the market to make money as well as to get traffic. One of the most common ways to make money online as well as to get traffic through websites or blogs and to join some affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is a popular secondary source of income generation for many online business owners. Once you decide which type of company suits your website then you can get affiliate links. For further details go to:
Retailers website
Online vendors
Affiliate Networks.
Affiliate marketing is a popular strategy that is being used to promote products. One can register with one or more various affiliate marketing networks such as
Commission Junction
Link Share
Google Affiliate Network
Once you sign up and get your special affiliate links, you can promote the links in advertisements, classifieds etc. For further detailed information related to affiliate marketing networks refer to

  1. Aritlc Submission Qualiy Sites
  2. Top Social Bookmarking Sites
  3. Classifieds Posting

Best Option Increase your Traffic

  1. social bookmarking
  2. Link building
  3. Content is king
  4. Regular sharing on Socail networks
  5. Directories submission
  6. Creating site mape and submit into google as well as bing/yahoo
  7. Blog comments
  8. forum posting

if you follow above tips then surely you get huge traffic thanks

I am not agree with you , nowadys bookmarking is replaced with the social media, and article submission has been replaced with guest posting , SEO has changed now !

What about forum/blog posting and Press Realase are these not a mandatory task for getting huge traffic?

What you mean by advertising site?Are you talking about free classified ads sites.

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