IPad is finally on sale. I dont know if I would get an Ipad so early in the game, especially since we know, there will be different version released that are bigger and better. Would you buy an IPad just to be connected?

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After watching all the hype I’m underwhelmed. But still I guess I wait for the next generation to see if it would change.

Me twoo - I am waiting for the next generation since bugs will be sorted out and hopefully, it be cheaper too!

Its sounds not be like as it should be. I m too awaiting for new generation till than i m good with MAC.

i just don't see it being very useful. I'd much rather a netbook with an actual keyboard and yes - i agree - first versions of new tech almost always wind up being overpriced and under perform.

Yes, but not now.. just like you said we all know that this IPad is going to be much better when they launch the second one..

I have a netbook in the form of Asus and it is so frustrating to use. I have a few Mac laptops and I am actually looking forward to the IPad but maybe version 3 forward and by then maybe there will be a portable keyboard adapter.

Definitely iPad is not for those who have tight budget ,if you have to chose between a laptop and iPad of course go with laptop.

The iPad is supposedly already sold-out and it has not even hit the market yet. I am looking forward seeing the long line of hardcore fans on grand opening day.

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