I just read on MediaBistro about how Tuesdays is the most popular day on Facebook in regards to clicking to links on brand page. So as you growing an online community, this is good to take into consideration.

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I would love to see the analysis to explain this. I wonder if it has something to do with TV schedules of popular shows and social activities not really occuring on Tuesdays.

Actually it was based on the fact that people usually are not online starting on thursday to the weekend as much as earlier during the week. This could be due to social life and non-online activities.

it has nothing to do with tv i think......

Perhaps it does. It may reflect that networks save better shows for Wednesdays and Thursdays and maybe Sundays, which could lead to more web surfers earlier during the week. I got to digg through Nielsen's data to answer this one.

Having worked in market research (for a while for Nielsen) and seen how they extrapolate data to come up with conclusions I am always dubious of reports of this type.

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