Explain the term PPC very short in internet marketing?

PPC -> Pay per Click
It's a very simple concept:
Is a type of advertise were the advertiser only pay for the click's that is publicity receives.

Is the most used Internet marketing type of advertising (google and yahoo use it).

And it may take a while to gain experience on what does and doesn’t work for you, but its more than worth the effort.

PPC is just advertising on the keywords you are targeting by paying a price for each click.

Also keep in mind that each search engine has a PPC option and that if you are targeting certain segments, think of which keywords will help increase conversion if you are aiming outside Google.

PPC is for Pay Per Click. It is a kind of campaign that you will pay for each click you recieved on your advertisement.

There is no money in PPC without a good landing page

Also you got to make sure that your PPC campaign contain:
keywords that also appear on your meta tags and content
keywords that have a high ranking
keywords that have good # of impressions.

PPC is used for driving good traffic for your site. It is really helpful and great way of improving traffic.