Facebook is not top social networking site.

Facebook is here to stay because they put their USERS first by making sure they're only shown ads they would be interested in seeing. Only open graph enabled apps are allowed to publish on news feeds, ticker and timelines. You can watch these Facebook Videos that explain how the open graph works: apps.facebook.com/boilingtheocean

I hope wallpost can be able to replace the facebook place, it's offers high privacy features.

I think that Facebook cannot be replaced...even Google+ is not getting near the Facebook's members and quality as a social media..

The next rival to Facebook will come from the backyard of Google. Something nasty but niche would be out Google+ was just another cards game to engage the audience, until the juggernauts are released.

Google+ is just a bait for others to speak first, Google picks up their idea, modifies it to their profits and benefits and VOILA - the Juggernaut will be ready. Wait and Watch.

When I write Juggernaut, it reminds me of the monstrous ferocious killing machine (truck) that was released in Death Race. Google is just the same Truck, but is not yet challenged by Jason Statham. :)

What do you say..?

its obvious that everythng has its expiry. may b fb has as well. bt the thng is fb keep on updating , n giving its users new things. dat keeps users busy knowing the new fb. so it woudnt be wrong saying that FB do replace FB.

I think that an unimaginez social network will appear with more active functions will replace facebook. It may have more attractive interface, more professional, etc. It have not but will appear in the future.

Large number of poeple are leaving Facebook due to their privcy issues and Using other social media sites , like Google plus and Pintrest.

I have Facebook account since 2006, I used to visit my pages couple of times a week , but then around 2010 when I added most of my cool friends , I was on it every minutes and every day , I wouldn't go to bed without checking my notifications and messages, time past and late 2011, 2012 and now early 2013 I still have the account but I visit maximum 2 times a week only for couple of minutes , thats a huge drop, I do think its boring now and I really want something more unique and better along with better features/....

Well social media sites to begin with get boring rapidly... think about myspace, the users ended up in FB and twitter... wonder what is next?

Google plus or pinterest will beat Facebook sooner or later, as the are growig fastely.

Neither will succeed, but Google may have a good chance if they acquire twitter and Pinterest...

have you seen this website that shares the advertisement places with the members ?
check this out http://pinwage.com

I think it would be Twitter and Pinterest

undoubtly, it's wallpost social network.The features in wallpost all are user friendly and most secure. Anymore, I'm not comparing with facebook, As wallpost have high-end & advanced features than any other networks.

The new one to get this done is www.nimaol.com. This will be the social site to replace Facebook. Same features as FB, only we get to own a piece if the company because you become a member. And as a share holder, why would someone go anywhere else?

Hey everybody, I think social media could be better too. I am part of a team working on the social media to hopefully replace google and facebook. Like a lot of you said, a social media focused on the people you actually interact with, a social media that takes you places and saves time rather than wasting it.
We're focused on service to the people and want to use it to hopefully change the world.

Here is a brief overview of it: angel.co/PLANiT with more to come but I would love to hear what you all think as any and all feedback in the building stage is super beneficial.

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Keep on dreaming. Why should Facebook ever be replaced by another social Network, as long as they do a good Job? Everyone knows, one cannot really be 'present' on different social media Sites, it takes a lot of work to keep a personal Site updated. Because of this, one will concentrate his/her presence on one Media, in this case, on Facebook. It's a natural thing.

In 10 Years from now, Google, Facebook, etc. will still exist, as Leaders. Everything else will be just 'local stuff'. Wanna bet?

In 10 Years from now, Google, Facebook, etc. will still exist, as Leaders. Everything else will be just 'local stuff'. Wanna bet?

Unless their stocks drop and a major company buys them... but yes they will still exist.

On the era of YM & MSN, nobody can think Facebook will bit them. As like now it will be dificult to think who will bit Facebook. Simply I want to say that if a company can't understand requirements of people, they will must out of market. I think Skype may bit Facebook, if they can proceed proper way.

Yes facebook is a really fast growing website, and it is best social networking site.

According to me there is no alternative of Facebook....

it is very tuff to replace the facebook. facebook is most popular social network site. it is impossible to take this place.

There is no social media network has more secure and more fetures than facebook. So there is no social network can beat facebook.

I don't think so. All are familiar with facebook and they like to browse it. It is impossible to replace facebook untill some longtime technical problems like orkut.

At this moment in the next year I don't think someone will take FB. They implement a lot of new stuff and are beeing on top right now.
Let wait some time and then try to answer this question.

Whatever new site will come but that should be attracted by college school guys.Then only it can replace facebook.Like orkut was replaced by facebook.

I think Google+ has done the job quite successfully and is very effective.

according to my point of view facebook is really the most remarkable social media site as it is used by every body in mass for various purposes,so it will be quite tough to beat it in this internet world

None of the social networking sites will replace Facebook

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