Not any of the existing social networking sites can vie with the most popular social networking sites today; Facebook. In the near future there might be a number of networking sites that might overshadow Facebook.

According to me Google buzz..then my space and digg..

Facebook will last longer, until another company come with genius user friendly social website. Apple ?

I think from time to time people always look for something new. And there will be a time that facebook will be replaced but during that time it will be far more better and security wise community. But for now i don't see facebook going anywhere.

As per me First it was geocities, then myspace, then facebook... with the current backlash against Facebook selling out and ruining peoples privacy

seems like Facebook will be replaced in the future.There are many spam messages on Facebook.Many people post annoying messages.For FB, it is time to change and make a breakthrough.

Facebook has developed very good market. Its attracting youth like any thing else. Every rise has fall its law of nature. Now the privacy issue has made Facebook on back foot. Google plus i think will give a real tough time to Facebook. lets wait and watch.

Still too early to give some "prediction" about it! I think Facebook have a long future

Google is now emerging for a social media network. With its Google +1 and other means of networking will surely become famous in time. But then of course, as what the current leading social media is experiencing today (Facebook) will have more in the future. It will get more privacy and security issues.

I don't know when facebook will go away because old and young people love it

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Obviously Google+ as it has more diverse features like privacy and has more facilities like you tube and gmail and all other things under one login. besides that it has the back of Google the largest and the best.

Google's newest campaign, Google + is definitely a contender in the social media game. I mean, Google is the most powerful source on the Internet. I can't imagine that they will fail with this one either.

Facebook is just too good and is popular among the people today. There is very low probability that any other social network would replace it.

Google + has already replaces facebook and very large number of people joining Google +.

Facebook is still more popluar I think.It is not easy to do instead of facebook.Google also is good enough.

I think twitter will Facebook next, because most of the people, reputated companies are using twitter for advertisement.

I think twitter will Facebook next, because most of the people, reputated companies are using twitter for advertisement.

As this topic was first posted on May of 2010, it's not likely that any other website is going to replace Facebook as the most popular social network anytime soon. Google+ will always be an alternative. Twitter will indeed will be used more and more, along with Facebook, for advertising by companies.

Facebook is one of the best social bookmarking. I think Google+ has better options and features and it will overtake FB.

No other search engine beat Google till now just like that no one beat facebook now because it has brand now and they create awareness of getting socialized online, this was a new concept in market so this would take a lot time to overcome facebook

more sites are available , we can use stumbleupon also.................

Im actually building the facebook and google killer its alot of work. Be patient! Hopefully early 2013. Bye bye facebook, bye bye google.
We are the standardized platform online.

If something shows up, I'm sure FB will try to buy it... remember instagramm?

I think that there will appear something similar like FB, but much better and clean. Clean - means not filled out with spamm or accounts of people that doesnt exist, ect. But still, it will be question of the time. I think such phenomenons as social networks are not everlasting, sooner or later they will die or will be substituted with another similar, the new one, fresh, ect.

twitter is most likely to take over and i think if it real takes over, it will be enjoyable than facebook

Am new to this forum and i hope i will enjoy my stay you guys


ROFL. I see no reason why the new JustinTimberlakeSpace will worry Facebook in the slightest. Please expand upon your response and explain why you think it will.

IT is natural, when a new thing comes with better features, it replaces the old.
same thing is going to happen to Facebook, as right now it is no doubt that Facebook is the largest social networking Website these days, but Facebook is mostly promoting Games these days, so if they are not going to provide more features for the users then Facebook will also be replaced by another Social Networking Website with better features for the users.

I think it's either twitter or google+.

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