Facebook will definitely get replaced but not today, maybe on 5 years from now.


It would se hard to replace but may be google+

it is very tough to say but might be Google+ as expected

Google+ is expected but facebook is the one which is totally dominating the social media site and it is popular one used by plenty of users,seriously quite tough to say that Google+ get replaced by some other social media site

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my mind gives error message when I think about this question !

Google+ can replace facebook

I think facebook will become more like a phone book in the future, where you can choose to update with your current email address and information. Facebook was cool at first because you could contact all your highschool and real friends so easily, but now, less and less people post on eachothers walls or message others.

Facebook is good for somethings, and thats why it will stick around. But it won't be a current hangout spot in the future, less updates or diehard followers. Its hard to think of what the next new thing could be.

Google+ wants to replace but it looks not possible

Linked in , google+ , twitter , Myspace , friend feed.

Facebook not yet reached their saturation point. Even google plus volunteerly promoting their social media, it wont beat facebook now and it may take more time to beat.

There will be someone rise soon Facebook will replace one day but it is going to be long waiting for us

wow...the fanatical support for google and facebook. you all do know they are massive corperate entities that dont give a damn about you dont you? why are you so obsequiously devoted to them???

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