We have 20 online magazines with over 6,000 unique articles and even thought we do not do any SEO, almost always come up on Google's first page for searches on our articles.

As these lifestyle/entertainment magazines started as a hobby, we have never tried to make any money and now want to start. We have fake ads on our site to stop people from asking how we make money.

Our server stats shows we get approx. 1 million unique users, 1.2 million visits, 30 million hits and 3 million page views a month.

According to Alexa, we are in the 39,000 most popular websites in the world and 13,000 most popular in the US.

We are looking for someone with experience to help us monetize our sites and share in what they are able to generate. we don't even have a media kit but get lots of requests via email or phone for our prices. We know we need to redesign our sites to allow for more display advertising.

Anyone interested in getting on board?

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Hey, there, what u have got is huge and solid traffic, but i guess u gonna make bulk from Googel adsense.

Just go ahead and open an account.

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