HI there I am not sure this is the right place but I need help. I brought a good site good rating and everything but the traffic is dead nothing much the site is a PR4 but the traffic has dropped completed I have been doing SEO and other bits and pieces. Updating vidoes linking with other sites etc

But no traffic the url is www.frickenfunnyvideos.com can anybody tell me what is wrong.

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Share your links in social sites and forums in specific section, I hope it will help you to generate some traffic.

I would advise you to be patient, you have to wait for a while and see if the seo techniques you've followed did any good to your new website, or are useless. don't jump to conclusions so early!
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As you have been working on the SEO and uploading new vids, the question I have is what other content is on the site. The SEs love fresh content to crawl to give you better positioning in searches and visitors to your site might be looking for something more compelling than just funny videos. For me, The Onion is a great site and if you are aiming for an Onion-type of audience you might want to add more text content to balance out the videos.

Also, just an FYI, don't be surprised if the moderators remove your link. Although you asked a valid question it does look like you are advertising the site when you could have simply described the site as part of your question.

What is your keywords? Do you have ranking in se?

My suggestion is you can do smo.then only you got more trafic and ranking your website.


Hello Dear
I checked your website and find that you have to make some changes in On Page Optimization then you have to follow the SEO off page techniques to increase the traffic. Like SMO, Social Bookmarking and lots of Article Submission then sure you will achieve your target.

Yeah, your site need to be optimize well, keywords and title are redundant, be aware of using conjunction (crawlers can’t read that).

Maybe it has to do with the actual format and site presentation. When people visit a video site they expect to see an actual video as soon as the page uploads. On your page you only see links. You should also work and a more appealing design and quality updated content. Market on related site and social network and send bookmark updates of latest videos.

I totally agree - you need to combine visuals and text link plus context description. This way, your video will appear on video google search and on text results due to context for each video.

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