White papers are very useful, as they give much information to readers and help people make decisions. Do you use white papers and which ones?

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HUH??? I am not sure I know exactly what you are referring to as "white papers". I may be new to Internet Marketing but my husband as been doing it for a while and he has never mentioned "White Papers".

I have heard the term "White Papers" for a long time and businesses create it to:
1. Strengthen readers' recognition that this business knows it stuff
2. Increase the knowledge base of readers
3. For SEO purposes
4. For lead generation.

White paper syndication is a great way to generate leads quickly and motivate sales team.

Yeah. I have read government white papers about social project. It is very clear technical aspect of the project.

It could be a great marketing tool. There are many good examples of white papers available on the Internet. Do a search on the phrase 'white paper' and read a few.

I personally have downloaded a few white papers and I think it helps educate the potential buyer and builds brand awareness

I have just read that there are 3 main types of commercial white papers:

Business-benefits: Makes a business case for a certain technology or methodology
Technical: Describes how a certain technology works
Hybrid: Combines high-level business benefits with technical details in a single document

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