Free download software, is it right method for software marketing?

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It all depends on the quality of the software and if its a trial use only or the real deal.

It is one of the most important software marketing techniques, that also helps you increase your traffic and from that your internet software sales.

Depends on the needs of software for you
And free downloadable software will have some limitations

Hello,i think It all depends on the quality of the software,that helps you increase your traffic.


The so-called e-mail marketing
Is a mass mailing?
This effect can play a good ad?

I think It is a best marketing strategy. People who use this free download software may buy this software later.

Re joicesmitha: I have never buy any software if its free download, such as realplayer, textpad, Zip, Winrar, or even AV- zonealarm, avira...etc

Re harjos: as been told, its really depends on how useful your software is, marketing through software is not neccessararily create a "paid full version" for sale. You can have some registration frame within the installation for 3rd parties offers, software bundling...etc there you would be able to monetize it. But again, it really depends on your software quality as only GOOD software can be benefits with "free download" and get viral!

Script or software directories are right way to promote your software. Generally people prefer to search on those directory for particular software.

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