I have created some videos and post them on Youtube, but I don't see any traffic that come from this site from my log.

How do I get traffic from Youtube videos?

Is there any trick?


Have a nice day!

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First of all, you should add tags to your youtube video to get visitors from their site. If you want more visitors fast, you could try traffic exchanges: You visit a site for a few seconds, and they visit your site(the youtube video). Just google for traffic exchange, there are lots them. You could try sites like LiveLinkCafe and Oseveno too.

Good luck!

This is the new method for me.
Thanks for your information. I will try to exchange video sites.

Ok... Let me see if I can find the easiest way to explain this...

YouTube, like MOST of the social network sites if used, should have some sort of strategy with them.

1- When dealing with videos, you must ensure that the video is interesting, captivating, entertaining, and informative.
2- Add a URL link at the end of the video if you do not find a way to embed it in.
3- Add a short description of the video sending people to your site for further info.

Also remember that it depends greatly on the niche and the product. NOT every niche is apt for YouTube viewers. This means that perhaps the people you are targeting may not necessarily be looking for you in youtube.

Now, someone recommended Traffic Exchange sites... These are great to help establish your site and brand your product. There are TONS of them out there, but only the manual surfing sites really work at achieving site branding and product recognition.

Another thing you should do: Find other videos related in subject matter or otherwise similar and post comments either positive or negative, and urge others to check out your video on the same subject. Of course, if your video is not that great, chances are, word is not going to spread very far. If it's really, really good, it will.

Are your videos related to your website content? Do they add value to your website? Are you giving visitors who watch the YouTube videos a good reason why they should instantly follow up with a visit to your site? That last question is the doosey.

Simply submit your video on you tube and optimize the link by posting it on various video submission sites.

just add a voice tag in your vedio file

I like the idea about choosing video response to videos in your niche.

Well one Example that I have seen and it worked on me not worked for me was from a forum that posted a wordpress seo tutorial when I seen the video I was so impressed with it I clicked through and joined the forum.B.T.W it was not this forum does Dani web have a you tube channel ?.

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