Since i browsing an affilate site. i think it's hard to define <<snipped>> whether is good or not .there is no deny that i like the way of earning money on <<snipped>>. but i wonder why my code are frozen and even banned on some other relevent site when i doing some promotion .

Have you experienced such a thing? then who can help me why it's that?Thanks for your help?

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It is against our rules, and the rules of many forums, to plug your site or affiliate links within posts.


By writing quality content without copying text from any Luke of the page..you can avoid spanning..Writing text on your own or creating new ideas by you can prevent you from spanning...Don't rule out from RULES ..CAN AVOID SPANNING


You clearly did not read the TOS or member rules at any of the forums you signed up to did you?

It is agains forum rules to advertise your site or services in any part of the forum that is NOT the designated area. Most forums have a special section for advertising your stuff. The regular and most popular sections of the forum are for discussion and the exchange of ideas.

If you want to avoid the <snipped> in your posts, add valuable information to the threads you are participating in.

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