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this is the url of my blog......someone please tell me how to improve my page and alexa rank:confused:

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advertise you site at some other site...

Make sure that your site is optimized for the search engines and that all meta tags are constructed properly.
PR can be increased by Blogging, article marketing, choosing quality link partners, minimizing reciprocal linking and prioritizing One-way links.

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this is the url of my blog......someone please tell me how to improve my page and alexa rank:confused:

Do link Exchnage To Increase SERP Rank.
In Link Exchange you can include one way linke
1 Directory Submission
2 Article Submission,
3 Press Release
4 Comment Posting,
5 Social Bookmarking

And in two way find some site related to your site and ask them to exchnage link.


Page rank by google and alexa rank both are different . if you study well then you notice that traffic exchange website have more alexa page ranking messure page view but very less google page rank. educational websites have good google page rank but less alexa rank.

so think about it

The best I have found other then paying for advertisement is good quality linksAdd some Good High Ranking links to your main page and also to other pages on your website.
Advertise in your local papers can also be a benefits.Be patient,The Web is a very large News Paper and it will take some time to get out there to where people know.
It may take years to get your site popular.

I suppose i have a shortcut for increasing your traffic in alexa..;) okay hold on, it may not effect greatly but for sure makes little difference...install alexa tool bar, to tell alexa that atleast you open your own website and crawls tens of pages daily.....;) hope it works

I wouldn't worry so much about that, many sites have been found to rig their alexa ratings. Focus on inbound links, I mean a lot of them.

My alexa rank is 0 and Page rank is not updated after submitting to search engines. I am expecting i get better result during the next page rank update. I have no idea when is that. I am worried only about alexa rank which is 0 at present. Can anyone help with itClick Here

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