I just read online about a new site that helps users obtain mobile coupons for nearby businesses. I do find this useful if this service if the value is worth it. Check this site out:
I personally would use it. What about you? I know my friend has shared with me her coupon from an email for me to get a discount at Borders. So that is why I would use this.

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seems pretty cool and i could definitely see myself using it... tho it doesn't look like it returns coupons for the States just yet.

I agree. I did see the english version of the page but its mostly UK related. I can see this option as a very good push strategy.

Great post. Well, e-couponing has a halp us a lot in shopping beceause we can save more and more in shopping. With http://www.ezcouponsearch.com , we can get the discount almost on every kind of desire products and save easily. Moslty i have used it. 

Your link is not working...please provide the correct link..

Your link is not working...please provide the correct link..

That might be the case because this thread is 2 years old. it might be a dead link already.. just thought you ought to know...

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