Any one can tell me that Which is the top social networking site after facebook?

poonam_7 commented: 1 – Facebook. This is easily the largest social networking site in the world and one of the most widely used. ... 2 – WhatsApp. ... 4 – WeChat. ... 5 +0
creativewebp commented: I think YouTube and Facebook is second most important and top site after Facebook. +0
digitalstalk commented: instagram,twitter and linkedin +0
Aliana_Warnet commented: Instagram and Snapchat is one of the top social media platforms in 2021 +0
mateenusha commented: Instagram or twitter +0
nextsmm commented: I think instagram is the best after facebook +0
vncnt1967 commented: instagram is the second most used social media in the world +0
jwatson commented: Twitter is 2nd largest social media site after Facebook. +3
houseofarfa11 commented: YouTube +0
thikardescorts commented: Instagram +0
mumtazshakeel commented: you must follow Linkdin,twitter,pinterest,instagram,youtube adds etc. +0
UpvoteMarket commented: After Facebook, Reddit is the second most popular social networking site. This platform allows you to promote your content. But high karma score certi +0
Amrit web commented: Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows users to share photos, videos, and stories with their followers. With a user-friendly interfa +0


After the face book the most trusted social networking site are the:->
My space,

I would also include place-based services like FourSquare and Gowalla. Also keep in mind that different networks attract different types of users. MySpace users tend to be younger and with different interests than Facebook users, for example. This stems from the fact that MySpace was conceived as a way to meet people to party with or date, and Facebook is more about networking and making connections in a more broad sense.

linked in
there are many but acc. to me this is enough.

I think Twitter is also big social networking sites.

commented: Yes Twitter and IG also. +0

Obviously Twitter.

In my opinion, I guess twitter is second to facebook due to they are the top visited sites today.

twitter is the second social network site by number of users.

Ya, Twitter is also big social networking site after facebook.

Yes, its Twitter that is the top social networking site after Facebook as it is the site which is instantly updated with various information .

I think Twitter & My Space both are the best

Here are my list:


Twitter, my friend.

after facebook twitter is the 2nd networking websites. and there are lots of networking websites which is performing
bebo etc

Its none other than twitter. Then you can consider orkut, myspace, bebo, linkedln, hi5 etc

It used to be Myspace, but I think twitter has overtaken it now. Nowadays no one really uses Myspace anymore

After facebook the most famous social network site are;

my space

and more ...

Any one can tell me that Which is the top social networking site after facebook?

Now a days twitter and digg are the most top social bookmarking sites.

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Have to be twitter no doubt!

I think,

Twitter, Linkedin and is one of them that are equivalent to Facebook. But Now a days facebook play a big role in social media and all have some unique features so con't compare.

Twitter. We have better result in Twitter compared with Facebook.

In my opinion,
My space,

twitter, Buzz, linked in, stumble upon, digg and so on.

Its non other than twitter.. May be it is equal popular as facebook!

well i guess it should be
linked in

First Ranking & The best site of social networking site .. facebook after other site ..

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