Well I have been in a MLM company for a few months now. And I am really starting to get the hang of working leads. But, good leads coast an arm and leg. Real time leads costs $4-6 a pop. And still being real time. I still get some people that. Say they have no clue what I am talking about when I call them. So I am going to have a lead capture site. It’s not going to have anything about the company. It’s just meant to catch there eye. And build them up a little and dump them rite into the survey. So, I can give them a call and do the selling. I really have no clue what to except from this site. But, if I spent $50 on say 10,000 hits. And get leads at a 1% rate. I will be doing a lot better then what I am paying now. I have been reading posts on the site for an hour or so. And I am going to keep going. I would love for someone to step in. And give me a list of things to look for. And things to avoid. And even tell me what I can expect. My site should be up and running over the next few days. I will post it as soon as it’s done. Thanks for your time. Steve316

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