I have page rank 1 in http://www.mobilepoint.us but few day ago my page rank down for i was reset my webmasters site map can i back this?

Always create unique and fresh content for your websites and products.

commented: ha ha ha ha ha - says the man who cuts and posts content from other sites all the time -2

Well, you can get page rank if you build links on High pr sites at regular basis but you have to give time, when there would be next pr update then your page rank would be updated.

Well, ifyou want toincrease page rank of your website then you have to build links using high pr sites, it would help of course, there is no doubt to it. But you should increase traffic to your website too for better result.

If you are doing quality work on your site regularly then there would be increase in page rank when it is updated.

increase your backlinks and index your site on google and other major search engine
you get good result i think

Adding unique content to your site is the key, backlinks will come in time.

yes you guys absoultely right good content always attract the lot of people towards your sites

You can get page rank, there is no doubt to it really, what you need to do is to use those sites for link building which have higher page rank so that you would get much link juice which would help in increasing page rank of your site and page rank would be updated in next page rank update.

try to add maximum backlinks,

goto wordpress.com and add comments to the blog posts, you will get backlinks and page rank quickly

You can not get PR in short you have to wait it make your site with quality content drag visitors on it get some quality work with optimization.

I was taught to do SEO in this way, by putting your link in as commentary for similar posts.

And even including a picture is helpful I guess, as long as the picture has a title and a useful url to go with it. All of which hopefully contain your desired keywords and are relevant to your goal. `

If you want to improve your website's ranking don't focuse on creating bulk amount of backlinks but try to make few but quality backlinks quality work is more benificial as compare to quantity work.

Improve the traffic of your site and get some quality links for your site form your niche site of high PR.

These are the best way to improve the rank of the site in short time:-
1-Google Profiles:-Grab attension from Google.com
2-LinkedIn.com:-For profiling.
3-YouTube:-For digital promotion.
4-Ezine Articles:-Submission of valuable article.
5-Forums and blogs posting. Etc…

Firstly, no one knows what pagerank their site is: it's an internal factor in Google's algorithm and it's not made public. Google used to have their toolbar that showcased "toolbar PR" on a scale of 0-10 (10 being best) but they stopped updating that years ago.

Regardless, pagerank is just a number representation of the quantity and quality of the sites that link to you. It's only one factor in Google's algorithm to determine how you will rank in the search results.

Some of the methods to acquire rank 1 in short span of time
1. Blog commenting
2. Directory listing
3. Social media Profile
4. Guest blogging

The main reason behind the valid Google PR is your content. The content should be unique & must containt organic keyword, the length must also be around 300-500 words.

Get 3-4 backlinks(dofollow) from any 3-4 pr 3 do follow and wait for 3 months(google pr update).you will get pr 1 for sure.Check your site architechture first is it in proper way or not.

Page rank is increased by creating quality backlink of website and submit creative content on website. Visitors engauge to the website is must for increase the PR of webiste.

Even though, you work hard, you only get page rank when google updates it. So untill then keep on building quality links and you may get directory pr 3 or 4 too.

Moving up a wbsite can be done. I am convinced one can move up their site to number 1 or close to it.
It takes a great deal of time and work to do it. Creating back lin links in high page rank sites with do follow. Anchor text is very power to move above a site. The one one big problem is a site does need to age.

Page Rank takes a lot of work you need to allocate time each day to do backlinks and anchor text. Also copy a ceompetitors back link sites. Also, do not forget a Facebook marketing plan. Peaple spend an 1 hour a day on Facebook.


Dear Ranking on Google or on internet search engine is a patience ortineted task. No one can Guarabntee and can ensure result in days . But it takes weeks and precisely months. However best practices , proper tools and patince can ensure good results compared to ad-sense or google ad-words which is a costly solutions.

yes it is true that until & unless Google updates it, your page rank will not appear but till then, keep on making quality backlinks in the form of directory submissions, article submissions and everything that is used in SEO. it takes time on the Google to rank your page but then ultimately your page will be ranked. with continuous SEO, you will get 1 PR.

in order to get no. 1 page rank in Google, it is necessary to use SEO techniques as much as you can in the form ofdirectory submissions, commenting on forums & blogs, social media marketing and social bookmarking. but highly focus on article submission as good quality articles when submitted with appropriate keywords helps a lot in boosting your page rank in short time.

There are two basic thing like back link and traffic on your website .it will give the PR for website

A small technique ..

  1. Built a website
  2. Purchase 10 spam domains (which is more cheaper)
  3. Pass 250 2+ Pr links to your original domain (tier 1 )
  4. (Tier 2 ) Run 1000 1+ pr links for the backlinks which you got in step 3. (Do guestbook, blog comment ...etc)
  5. Redirect all the 10 spam domains to your website.
  6. Run 5000 links for all the 10 domains totally.

Wait for some days!!! see the result yourself!!!

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