You need to get back link from high pr sites. So post your article there.

Two main activity to get PR:

1.Get back links using blog,forums, bookmarking activity.
2.SMM to get high traffic.

high traffic and hig pr backlinks is the only way to get page rank 1 in a short time

if you want to get high pr in short then post the link of your site on the high pr then you can get the high pr in short time

article writing
blog writing
social bookmarking

Page rank can be improved through the following factors
-quality backlinks for your site
-Social media optimization,
-Onpage optimization,
-Anchor texts
-Total traffic,
-Hosted server..



social sites profile

your ranks depend on these three

Its not so easy but not impossible.Number of quality backlinks increase your page book marking helps to get more back links.content is make your content relevant and unique. Do Blogging and forum posting daily and your ranking increase very soon.

Unless you have strong backlinks from reputable sites like Wikipedia or, ranking your keywords within a very short amount of time is next to impossible. Although I heard that blog network still works.

you have to post your link on the high pr site then you can get the pr 1 in short time

make the best with the high then you can get the pr in short time

it is impossible to get high pr within short time. it is possible only with black hat SEO. and according to Google guidelines dont do spam, Black hat SEO is spam technique and if u use it google will penalize u for that.
thats y do white hat seo and page rank.
seo is slow process but the results we get from it are permanent.
Do directory submission in high pr sites
social bookmarking
article submission
blog commenting

I tell you a bit about the best SEO strategies I know for you to follow.

You know, in todays SEO world you cannot just build as many links as you want. You need to build links slowly since Google are trying their best to penalize spam websites to provide quality results. Like for example: If you want to build 1 link this week to an authority/relevant website then you need to build 2 links for the following week, 3, 4 etc. and this is called "Link Velocity". Because Google now look at link velocity as a ranking factor. Once you build 30 links a week then stop, they see it as a negative signal. spend 50% of the time building to your site and 50% building to the pages that link to your site

Create Social Media Accounts like facebook, twitter, google+ etc., then share your interesting content from your blog post to these social media sites. Guest blogging is a perfect link building and branding to your website. Just do it properly cause Google might penalize you by creating too much low quality guest blogging.

over night u cant get a 1 rank. for that u have create backlinks for your website. and that also dofollow links. for that u can do directory submission, social bookmarking, article submission, and first check out the content of your website, content must be unique.

make the post of your website at the high page rank thenyou can get the high pr

I think blog commenting has a really small impact on these days' SEO strategy. You should put more focus on building links on major high authority sites like Yahoo Answer, Wikipedia, Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Myspace, Pinterest, etc. These sites will help you a lot in the ranking of your site on SERPs.

there is no short cut to high page ranking, have good content and many links overtime 3 months is a better timneline

I will suggest you following things

  1. Increase high PR site backlinks(Related to your niches)
  2. Do Guest Posting
  3. Get .edu and .org backlinks
  4. Increase Your social media enhacement
  5. When you get a lot of traffic then you will get PR of your site

Its difficult to get a page rank within short period of time.The page rank for a website is calculated and given only 2 or 3 times a year.

Fast way: one or two edu maybe one gov and wiki backlinks. Other way: submit to few major bookmarking sites let's say: digg,, reddit...stumleupon, technocrati and few more. Fb,Pint.,Twitt...You don't need 100...or more backlinks..You need few good ones and yoiu must build backlinks constantly. Be regular. Post blog comments or forum on daily basis. And you will not need so much time to get at least pr-1. And of course, you must have as longer as you can content and unique of course...Every time you write article, you look that you have at least 1100-1300 or even longer. The longer is better.

high page rank backlinks improves your page rank sharing content with links on social media sites also helpful for page rank

I have Android Apps Apk Download website which is 8 month old. have more than 6000+ backlinks. Also daily good health visit from US region. But still PageRanks is 0 since last 8 month..

I am not getting why ?? please help / reply to get more about my site issue...

page rank will depends upon the number of quality backlinks and high traffic. Try increase more backlinks and traffic. But Google will update page rank alogorithm is every 3 months. SAo you can wait 3 months definately for PR

It is not so easy to get rank1 on Google. You can also try PPC

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