Hi! This is basically a question. I have traffic and am getting more every week. But one must always be improving, so I'm curious about this and want to use the community as a sounding board. I just read an article in which Brian Halligan of hubspot.com said that to have a successful business online one must create a site that has changed "from a one-way sales message to a collaborative, living, breathing hub for your marketplace."

What does that mean exactly in your mind? I would love to hear the different interpretations. I don't believe that everyone should run and turn their site into a forum, so there must be a way to adapt the concept. Share your thoughts!


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Well i would recommend you to start using hubpages, google knol and squidoo which can make your posts lively and drive traffic to your website!

it should be user interactive.. like commenting and polls ..
also it has sharing options to all social media sites.. to get traffic
it must be updated twice a week
that would be awesome...

Very interesting points. Thank you!

Keep the user engaged through some form of interactivity. If the user isn't commenting or posting, then they are interacting with your site in some fashion (flash, videos, AJAX interactivity, etc).

If your site is just the same static pages, then once they read them once, the user never has a reason to ever return. Give the user a different experience each time so they always have a reason to go back.

Hubpages, google knol and squidoo is a best place to making site and posts lively. It also helps to getting more and more traffic in web. Other way is a .NET data provider which is access directly to Oracle database.

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