Hey everybody,

I have heard there are some online marketers that use forums

as a sole method of getting traffic to their website. I would like to know, ARE

YOU ONE OF THEM? I would like to know because knowledge of others'

personal experiences will benefit all of us here. It would benefit us all. If you

are, then please share

your experiences!

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Submission in forums gave u back links dunno about what sort of marketing you are talking about.

Forums are a great way to supplement your traffic by making a name for yourself (and your brand) within your niche, by posting to forums within your industry and proving yourself as someone who knows their stuff. However, I'd be hard-pressed to find someone who can rely entirely on them.

Posting on forums gives you a back link to your site. Yes, its a good off-page SEO strategy, I also do it. But, its one of the techniques among other off-page strategies.

I agree, one can get more and more traffic to the site through forum postings and also it will help in getting backlinks for your site.

posting in forum increase your knowledge and help to get backlink of your website.

Yes, I do participate in "Forum Discussions". And backlinks in the signature section can help (in a way) with your link building efforts and ultimately, can increase your ranking in SERPs. What I do is, I choose threads/posts that have questions where I can showcase my expertise and give insightful answers. Not all forums will allow you to post backlinks on your signature immediately, there are some forums that won't allow you to post signatures after certain days.

Thank you for all the ideas. Can you also share us some forum sites which we can easily put links to our post? Thank you.

I definetely do forum marketing!

It has great benefits!

1) Relevant Backlinks
2) Anchor Text Backlinks
3) Brand Exposure
4) Recognition And Trust
5) Unbiased Reviews From Other Marketers - This will build trust when others find your product or service on the web. When they search you on the forums, you will have gained much trust!
6) Affiliate Commissions
7) Networking With Others
8) Great for link juice and SEO!

Forum is one of the best way of getting quality backlinks in the form of signatures.These backlink help in ranking higher in SERP's for an particular keyword.It also helps in increasing your knowledge and solve some of the queries of other members.

yes i do it for my site marketing

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forum marketing is good but u have to be relevant in terms

Yes it is a very good way to add quality links to your website. You put a few links in the signature box.

Be careful that you're not spamming websites, but rather contributing relevant content. Otherwise, you might find yourself on a lot of BANNED lists.

Well,Forum is a part of SEO and this is help in promote your website.So, try it and increase your website page ranking.

I think if people are using forums as a way to get traffic to their sites, those forums would have to be related to their sites. From my perspective I don't really believe that forum is an effective way to get traffic. Forums can be effective in term of link building. In the signature area you can drop your anchor texts with your links that would appear below your post every time you post on a thread.

Forums are useful in different ways. One can get good dofollow backlinks from any dofollow forum having good PR. Its a place where one can get some good knowledge too from the experts. If you follow the rules and guidelines then it will give you the benefit.

Yes they are very helpful.

too bad this forum has nofollow backlinks..

Joining in different forum site will help you to get more information about certain topics. This will also let you build great relationship among of the members and exchange ideas and opinions. And the most important is to help other members in their problems and turn them into your own people or market. You just need to ensure that you will abide forum rules such as no spam comments, over usage of forum site features, and over marketing threads.

People are always going to be looking for or offering information to the people about their product.so one of the benefit is to provide brand exposure.

Hi all, I've just joined this forum. But you know what the first thing you worry about is, "Oh my God, am I breaking the rules, if I do this or I say that." Yes, I know the forum rules are there, (somewhere) but again when you join a forum it's like "information overload" again. Do I need to know this? Do I need to know that? Where do I stop? And when do I start? But perhaps it's just me.

Anyway, I'm here on this forum and I really do want to be able to contribute to and share in the spirit, knowledge experience that forum members have. Which is why I am on this particular thread, because I read the post as asking a specific question as to whether it was a good idea to engage in internet marketing using forums as a sole method of getting traffic.

My immediate reaction is "Oops!" A bit like putting all all your eggs in one basket. Never a good idea. Internet marketing must surely consist of a marketing strategy within which you have a range of marketing techniques like: keyword research to lead to effective SEO, Article Marketing, Social Networking Techniques... and mucho else.

You learn how to do each one effectively. But you do something else - you implement it. You will soon see if it works. If it does, then as we're told. "rinse and repeat" (God, I hate that phrase. )

Alternatively,when you find it works, then you can say to yourself, with confidence, "I'll 'ave anuvva bit of that!"

By the same token, if something is not working for you, just drop it. Usually, if something's not working, it's because it never will or it may be because you haven't quite grasped some essential feature of the technique and you are perhaps omitting a simple but essential step.

I believe all of this is called... test, test, test.

Regards to all

Signature in forums is very popular, everybody uses it but it only one in a long list of SEO methods that can boost you in SERP's and increase your traffic.

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