I never had a host that was showed a good responsibility about my backups. I requested a few times my old files to be restored and just once they did it but the backup was too old, which means they do less frequent backups than they claim. How important are server backups... from your experience?

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Don't know about your specific arrangement with your host, but if its your business and your data is at risk based on proper backups, its best to do this yourself. It's always best to read the TOS of your provider ... lots of them leave backups entirely up to the client.


Server backup makes it possible for me to restore and re-establish important things if in case any problems in system board or mother drive come up. So far, I haven't experienced data loss because I always make sure that every file in my computer is backed up. Same with my websites! I chose a good web hosting service that ensures that all my current files are backed up in their server. Why not change your hosting server since they're not responsible enough to back up your files. Have you considered that?

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