For an Ecommerce store following are to be done...
Each product with unique discription,
Proper on page and off page
Submit Quality content.

For ecommerce website you need to target social media (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) to get better search visiblity.

  • Make your store always updated
  • Don't make a bad feel from your store
  • Update vendor product data information accurately
  • Writing new product description is great but very expensive
  • Make your store more attractive
  • Add Games and Giveways to increase traffic
  • Update Price and Inventory regularly
  • Take photoshoot of your products and list as much as images in store
  • Utilize social media
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Invest in Google AdWords and pay-per-click advertising
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Provide a unique quality content to your business and add their relevant keywords in the content. Then promote your eCommerce business through social media.

  1. Create unique product descriptions for every product.
  2. Encourage user reviews.
  3. Establish easy site navigation.
  4. Optimize your site load times by reducing the size of your images.

will give you a best results.

I would suggest;
Relevant backlink. For example, if your store is selling kids clothing, it would be appreciated to place back links on websites, blogs, and message boards that regard to children. This is because search engine robots weigh highe to the relevant backlinks.

Ecommerce SEO to increase your online store's Google traffic and drive more sales: Keyword research to find the types of keywords customers are searching and On-Page SEO through strategic keyword optimization in meta tags and content.

I would suggest following:

  1. Write great contents: The best way to boost your ecommerce is to write quality contents. Iteresting, iformative rich and problem solving contents turn your readers into your loyal customers . Inturn they share your contents to other social media platform. Increase the traffic, generate leads and hence boost your sales. Before you spend your alot of effort on adopting other things, first start working and focusing on your contents.
  2. Easy and simple check out process: Complex and log checkout process frustrate your potiential. Try to build a checkout process like amazon, One page check out process. It will facilitate your customers and result in reduction in abandoned check out process.
  3. Use rich snippets
  4. Unique title tags.
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Find the right keywords
Site Structure
Internal Linking
Mobile Responsive

Link building
keyword Research
Unique Content....

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