Experts agree that Creating Business Page Facebook is essential in order to advertise your blog online. But just recently, Facebook discontinue Static FBML and replaced it with IFrames. Now, I am confused on what to do with my facebook pages and how I can make use of this Iframes on my page. Also, I noticed that there is no landing page in Iframe... Any idea guys?

Adding iFrame to your Facebook Fan page is not very difficult to do. You can upload an app through any hosting services and then install an app via Facebook developers area. Personally I use hostFB as hosting for my Facebook fan page. This is free hosting, but I find it very convenient. After the registration you can upload your app through the service and then get the Canvas URL to install via Facebook developers’ area. I hope this information will help you.

Hi there Mark! Thanks for giving me information about creating business page facebook. Will surely give your advice a try. :)

You are welcome. At that, iframes are very customizable and flexibe. Using iframe on your fan page you will be able to add video to your page and opt-in forms which are great to create email list from facebook, creating project with numerous pages is also possible with iframe. Good luck!

Can you please explain a little more?

Can you please explain a little more?

Starting from March 11th facebook does not allow FBML on fan pages, so when starting your new Fan Page you will have to implement iframes to it. Of course, iframes have many advantages over static FBML which I have described in the above posts, but you need to find the server to host your facebook iframe application. I advised charlenej to use as hosting for facebook fan page application which is the hosting I use myself. If I misunderstood your question, please specify what is unclear for you and I will try to explain it in more details.

could you please let us know what is iftame and what is used for?

I heard about iFrame in Facebook fan page but haven't try it yet and even how to use it properly. Thanks for sharing information and links to learn more about it.

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