They are all absolutely important. In fact, the only way to successfully achieve a good off-page SEO campaign is to use as many different techniques as possible.

I would recommend using all of the above on a monthly basis. A nice even mixture of all the above will work best.

Article submissions, bookmarking, Wiki pages, Linkwheel will definitely help to increase the SERP.

WEll you see you can't order them in high priority as they are all inter-linked with each,for example when submitting article to different directories it's advisable to book-mark articles,by which more chances are that Google will credit that back-link and what i think personally is most important thing is Link wheels which are most effective.

According to Off site/page SEO, can you order by high priority to improve your SERP

1. Article submission
2. Press Release
3. Do follow blog replay
4. Forum and yahoo replay
5. Directory submission
6. Social Bookmarking
7. Classifieds submission

According to me every one practices has its own importance so basically I perform all the activity to get my website on first page of serp.

only off page activities are not use full to increase SERPs, do also on page activities like regular update your website with unique and relevant content and new eye catching design.

I do agree with Tnkleathers. All the activities need to be given equal importance. If any one activity is ignored, then it may affect the SERPs.

yahoo answers do tend to send lot targeted traffic yes it also send links value.

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