Can you please tell me more about magento ? Any issue usually found in it?.
I am thinking of using it on one of my new eCommerce site.

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I think its always best to do a custom CMS/CRM

Hey !
Its up to you which type of application you are going to make.Without reading the requirements nobody can tell you which is the best CMS among all.

While Magento is a very robust solution, I don't think it's very easy to use (or at least customize) without being able to code.

That depends on what your looking for Yahoo has a pretty good business commerce set up. Magento is good because you can customize the site as you want but you do need to know something about programming, where as yahoo, x-cart, etc are more turnkey. You need to know very little.

I think Magento is really only good for people who are programmers and really want to play around with the software. Do you want to have to deal with making the site pci compliant, getting a host, installing the software, monitoring it, installing upgrades etc? Free software sounds good in theory but in practice it can be alot of work.

If you want to use Magento on one of your new eCommerce site, really it is the good option. You can use its features and services easily and one best thing of it that its an open source platform. I hope you will create the best eCommerce website.

I read some of the article about magento is good platform for ecommerce.

Yes magento is the top e-commerce platform available.I have used it and i must say it is very easy to use.everything is well designed.It is very effective and productive.The Shopping cart feature is great.

We use big commerce and are thinking of moving over to magento or volusion. You should definetly be able to code. If not big commerce though you are restricted in what you can do with the structure of your site.
I Don't Know much about Volusion though.... can anyone else advise on this?

Magento is a great platform for custom sites. I have a Ecommerce Power Sports store that I run on Magento and love it. We paid around $150 for a custom site template that allows us to take their design and modify it. It is easy to use and its product managment tools are so simple and intuitive.

Actually we use the Magento CMS platform for eCommerce website development for long time and we haven't any problem. If you try once, you can say about the Magento is best or worst. I vote it good.



Magento is open Source ecommerce web application. It provides phpMyAdmin included by default in cPanel for your account. This is one of the most search engine friendly e-commerce platforms.

Yes, it is specially when it gets merged into eBay's Xcommerce.

I disagree. Way too powerful if you want something simple.

If you 200% control PHP/JS/HTML, then Magento may be for you.

I personally think it is the best solution. Very easy to use, very easy to customise and a good selection of extensions, which is why eBay bought it

magento is best having lots of feature....... and you can find free magento theme as well.

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