Hi, I think you are saying right facebook is enough to shearing view are whatever but you have a other option to choose just like that........Google+, linkdin, digg, stumbleupon, myspase etc.

Facebook. twitter and digg are my fav

I love Facebook. Facebook is easy to use and communicate with friends. I spend 2-3 hours daily on facebook.

Facebook! and now exploring Google +

hi guys,

i just want to know your thoughts about my topic "Which Is Your Favorite Social Media?"

people mostly prefer to facebook and twitter.
i also like facebook but this is not enough social media's !!! there are also many other good social media on Internet.

like Myspace is also best and i like it.

so which is your favorite.!?

Not a lot of choice in my case, as almost everyone in Belgium uses Facebook. Like Twitter a lot to, but not for personal contacts. Twitter is, to me, more to follow people I do not know in real life (politicians, musicians..). I really like google+, more then Facebook, but if no-one uses it.. :) I predict Google+ will become increasingly important, and Facebook will lose a little bit cause to that. As Twitter is not real for the same purpose as FB and G+, I think it will keep it's current users, and will not lose to FB nor G+

Hi5, Myspace, Linedin and Gather are also good social networking sites.

my favorite social media is facebook and stumbleupon.

Hi5, Myspace, Linedin and Gather are also good social networking sites.

No offense, but who uses Myspace these days? It's been a while since I heard from Myspace. Looks like no-one likes to use it anymore. To bad, but I think there are enough great alternatives (G+ for example?)
LinkedIn is indeed a good service, for professional purposes of course, not to spend time with friends :)

i like facebook,digg, google+ and twitter.

Following are the famous and my favorite social networking sites.

My favourite social media is facebook and twitter.

My favorite social media is facebook then comes to google+ and then comes to twitter and linkedin.

Facebook rulez nowadays. 90% of the people cant live a day without facebook. TROLLING!!

For me it’s Facebook and Twitter both. I use Facebook to interact with all my friends, and Twitter to get more and more business contacts.

I personally like Facebook and Digg

ya most people love facebook, so do i =]
but i love youtube too..

btw i am a newbie here, nice to meet you guys :icon_smile:

Facebook,Twitter, Youtube are my favorite Social Medial sites

I like stumbleupon, also I'm active with facebook and twitter, yes those are pretty cool

I use social media mostly to stay in touch with my clients/visitors. At this moment I only use Twitter and facebook and I prefer Twitter.

Facebook and Google+ are my favourite social media.

Facebook, Twitter, and even Youtube are the ever popular answers to this question so just for some deviation I'll say Google+. Anyone here have great success using Google+ as a marketing platform?

facebook, twitter


always facebook.

I think facebook and twitter are the best social media sites. They give us more traffic and visibility.

dear facebook and twitter are good one. and rest of them I would suggest you the digg and stumble upon

You see almost have same answer; it is you who decide which social media platform is best for you. Remember one thing while doing social media “the more put your effort the more you will get results”.

Obriously facebook is more popular in social media.It is easy to communicate.

i recommend facebook , twitter and linkedin .

I use and like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and youtube they really help in term of personal or business.

I like Facebook, Twitter and G+....
This three is a best Social Media for me.....

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