Hi, I think you are saying right facebook is enough to shearing view are whatever but you have a other option to choose just like that........Google+, linkdin, digg, stumbleupon, myspase etc.

I love Facebook. Facebook is easy to use and communicate with friends. I spend 2-3 hours daily on facebook.

hi guys,

i just want to know your thoughts about my topic "Which Is Your Favorite Social Media?"

people mostly prefer to facebook and twitter.
i also like facebook but this is not enough social media's !!! there are also many other good social media on Internet.

like Myspace is also best and i like it.

so which is your favorite.!?

Not a lot of choice in my case, as almost everyone in Belgium uses Facebook. Like Twitter a lot to, but not for personal contacts. Twitter is, to me, more to follow people I do not know in real life (politicians, musicians..). I really like google+, more then Facebook, but if no-one uses it.. :) I predict Google+ will become increasingly important, and Facebook will lose a little bit cause to that. As Twitter is not real for the same purpose as FB and G+, I think it will keep it's current users, and will not lose to FB nor G+

Hi5, Myspace, Linedin and Gather are also good social networking sites.

No offense, but who uses Myspace these days? It's been a while since I heard from Myspace. Looks like no-one likes to use it anymore. To bad, but I think there are enough great alternatives (G+ for example?)
LinkedIn is indeed a good service, for professional purposes of course, not to spend time with friends :)

Following are the famous and my favorite social networking sites.

My favorite social media is facebook then comes to google+ and then comes to twitter and linkedin.

For me it’s Facebook and Twitter both. I use Facebook to interact with all my friends, and Twitter to get more and more business contacts.

ya most people love facebook, so do i =]
but i love youtube too..

btw i am a newbie here, nice to meet you guys :icon_smile:

I like stumbleupon, also I'm active with facebook and twitter, yes those are pretty cool

I use social media mostly to stay in touch with my clients/visitors. At this moment I only use Twitter and facebook and I prefer Twitter.

Facebook, Twitter, and even Youtube are the ever popular answers to this question so just for some deviation I'll say Google+. Anyone here have great success using Google+ as a marketing platform?

I think facebook and twitter are the best social media sites. They give us more traffic and visibility.

dear facebook and twitter are good one. and rest of them I would suggest you the digg and stumble upon

You see almost have same answer; it is you who decide which social media platform is best for you. Remember one thing while doing social media “the more put your effort the more you will get results”.

I use and like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and youtube they really help in term of personal or business.

I like Facebook, Twitter and G+....
This three is a best Social Media for me.....

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