I like facebook and twitter as my social networking sites for my personal and business need they help me communicate easily to friends and customer.

My favorite facebook and twitter.

I think Facebook is the best social media marketing website.

Facebook and Twiter are my two favortie social media networks.

Twitter and Facebook are the most popular. I spend most of my 'social media time' on twitter :)

There are many social sites which are beneficial for socializing & as well as for marketing, but as you are talking about the favourites I would say Google+, Facebook, Twitter & the old one Orkut.

I’m using Twitter since 2007 and I addict to it, these days I think twitter is the best media to share news fast around each others.

i think millatfacebook is best for me

FaceBook 10/10..There are many others also but facebook rules..!!

For me a FACEBOOK because so popular nowadays.

Twitter and facebook are my favorte for social media.

gmail is the best

faceboo and my space are the best one , if you can utilize in better way

Like facebook and myspace Pinterest, LinkedIn are some other platforms on which i prefer to spend time.

It depends on what would you want to achieve on using such Social Media sites.
The thing is, you can actually use all of them. But utilize them in a way that you will build trust and reputationa and not use if for simply gaining traffic and dropping links. :)

facebook and twitter both are best social media websites.

facebook is the best, though twitter and digg are also on the list

Pinterest is a hot social networking & this post shows how it can create concrete business benefits. Soical meida site pinterest has become a part of marketing and promotional strategies of big name businesses.

i like Facebook and Twitter.LinkedIn is somewhat famous now a days.

Google+ is new and most helpful social media going to be used in optimization of your site.

I like facebook and twitter but i mostly use twitter

Facebook is the best social media.

I’m using Facebook since 2007 and I addict to it, these days I think Facebook is the best media to share news fast around each others.

My favorite social media are Twitter,Pinterest and Fcaebook,Google Plus....:)

Facebook is good and my favorite. But Google + is making its place in my heart too.

There are different social medias all over the world. To me facebook is the best. Facebook is favorite to me because it is very easy to use and terms used in facebook do not bother me making confused.The new edition of facebook has added Facebook timeline.I feel better using timeline.

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