Why my income from Adsense drop more than 80% in 2012? I thinks this caused by Panda and Penguin update.
Does anyone has same experience like me? Please tell me your story.

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Are you receiving less traffic? The Panda and Penguin algorithm updates will affect your traffic levels but shouldn't affect your AdSense revenue directly.

In fact, I've usually found that AdSense CPC tends to increase a tiny bit after a big algorithm shift because all of the sites on the losing side now need to ramp up their AdWords spend in order to compensate for their traffic loss.

I receive 1100 unique visit/day and usually receive $4/day but now only max $1.5/day. I think maybe has internal conspirasy in Google to robber clients money.

Aww, that's tough. That means that you won't meet the $100 monthly minimum to receive payment.

I have also heard from a few customers that have seen recent drops in visits (10-15% drop in visitors), but have not had their adsense fall in parallel. I thought that was interesting.

Hey Dani- can you elaborate on what you mean by the CPC tending to increase?

AdWords is a bid-based advertising platform. The more advertisers in competition for particular keywords, the higher the prices get driven up. The more AdWords advertisers are spending per click, the more AdSense pubishers get per click.

After Panda, for example, so many publishers lost a lot of their traffic, and attempted to make up for some of it by buying advertising campaigns through AdWords. Such an increase in AdWords budgets en masse drives up to the cost-per-click (CPC) of AdWords and, therefore, is passed to AdSense publishers (since AdSense displays AdWords ads).

means that you won't meet the $100 monthly minimum

ya, i am too experiencing 50% drop in my adsense earnings but vice versa it has increased my CTR but lowered my CPC
now i am using Google DFP . and it is better now.

I experienced a huge increase in earnings over the past few days. Seems to have come out of no where. Same impression numbers but CTR increased and therefore clicks, eCPM and earnings increased.

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