Being Natural is one of the best tips. Don't use you sales picth so often. Try to value your user through various things instead of leting him click on you landing page all the time.

You can promote your business with the help of the social media site. Things you can do for promoteing your site or business over the internet, you should have to follow the people of your niche and than write a content which they are looking for and make it your habit to update with the things of their interest.

tip for soail media
- Give what people want
- stay active all time
- play with there emotions

Write a quality content for your site and make the site and than make the best use of the social media sites like facebook , twitter and Google plus. These sites gives you quality traffic immediately.

Sharing worth reading and useful content on social media can only drive you good traffic, so focus on good content to make traffic.

i think posting in socail sites post something which people love to see and enjoy and follow the users who follows.Increase your followers.
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Just write a unique and interesting content for your niche readers on regularly bases which appleas them to come on your site and share this content on the social media sites.

Twitter is the best social media site , you can drive trageeted traffic form twitter.

Business approaches to social media need to be looked at on an individual basis-- with the willingness too to adjust and adapt when need be. whether you use one of the “big four” social networking sites Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+,

Strategy comes first and is most important.
Social media is a direct link to your customers.
Timing is everything.

Social MEdia is agreat way to attract traffic. to make strong social media presence you need to update your social media profile regularly.

Build a Group of Followers ,Update your profile, Follow Twitter Lists , Create Linkedin Company Page and lot more...

Try to target right persons and place where you wana do SMM and than do your best some one may like it and do not be social on social media use it as a job.

Social media is all about engage your audience and how to get more like. Choose they way and publish with your user want to see. Be active all the time, reply to ever comments tag to you.

Follow Facebook and Twitter regularly to increase your business promotiona through by using this social media. Like do some posts and activities in Facebook and share with others and mainly increase your community through adding the more people. Like following this you may increase your website visitors, which leads to increase your business revenue.

Set your goals
Know your audience
Build relationships
Decide the social media platforms
Concentrate on social media content and images
Include vidoes.

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