Hi there, I would like to start an anonymous blog. The reason is that I simply don't want people to associate its content with my name, I am not planning to post anything dodgy on it. Now, here's my strategy, please let me know if you have any suggestion. I will use tor and then create an anonymous email address, perhaps using tormail, then sign up with wordpress and create the actual blog. How about hosting, what should I do, should I use a free hosting? any suggestion's welcome as usual

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Why tormail? Why not regular email like gmail, yahoo mail or hotmail? They can be used to create anynomous account too.

true, but gmail and other mainstream providers are trackable in that they require js to work and I seem to remember they also attach your ip address, tormail is not. Maybe I am making a lot of fuss for nothing, I mean the blog won't trade military secrets or anything like that, it's just a silly blog about commenting the news of the day, that's all. I just didn't want anybody to be able to associate it with me because people seem to get upset very easily if you say something they don't agree with, so I thought I will play safe and make an effort to be anonymous, but perhaps it's not needed. Fact is I haven't seen many blogs of that kind around and that made me suspicious, enough to consider the "anonymity" option. Still, it is interesting to talk about anonymity anyway I believe!

you are right Violet.

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