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You can create 30k views but the growth of the video is going to vary. For example a video on watching cats and dogs play is going to grow much more differently than a child's recital. So to increase your views, you need to find a way in reeling in the views. So, you can feature your video on sites, tell people to view and ask them to spread the word, have some links around, etc. There are many ways to increase your views on youtube.

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Yes you can, just Optimize your video and share on different social media and take SEO Help.


Yes you can do that but then you video must be very unique and Interesting. Then you need a team to create viral and share them on all social media platform.


Yes, you can. But, it requires little patience and hardwork. You need to comment on high traffic videos with your Video link as signature and 'like' that comment with 10-15 youtube accounts to make it as top rated comment.

Ref: SEOAddict.org

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either your video have to be very interesting or you have to purchase youtube video views to get that kind of video views instantly.

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