We're nearly ready to launch a new e-commerce service and we're trying to come with a good slogan.
The domain name is brokenhops.com and we're thinking of a message like "we're proud to create broken shops", where word "broken" is used somehow as a trademark.

This is our first idea, I'm sure there are better ones, so I thought to ask the community. Do you have a suggestion for a cooler slogan for brokenshops?


P.S. The domain is not launched yet, I hope this message won't be considered an annoying ad.

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Without being spammy, can you give a little more information as to what type of ecommerce service this is? I'm confused what 'broken shops' even means. Why are you proud to create broken shops?? Why can't you be Broken Shops: This is one broken thing you won't be throwing away lol ... Seriously, what is so good about being broken? I think I'm missing something.

commented: I am a bit lost too... +7

I agree with Dani, I am actually quite lost on why someone would want something broken... especially a shop (I for sure will never want to show up).

Also, can you provide more information because I am not sure on how to come up with anything because the idea is so bizarre... don't take it the wrong way, I am actually quite confused with the name. Is your new company a demolition sort of site, connecting demolition teams to people?

Unless you have an idea of picking a negative name like panic.com and do positive things, then that'll make sense.

Thanks for answers, you already helped by letting me know that we're far from being clear.

Hate to admit it, but we're doing something similar to what shopify.com does (the fact that we're older than them in business in not relevant). Our approach is slightly different, but the core business is the same. We're more "developer friendly" and more flexible. We also get our hands dirty for each customer.

About "broken" thingy: actually, we want to emphasize the stability, reliability and performance. And we try to be funny (?). We think the name is not easy forgetable and there might be plenty of funny ideas to advertise it. But on this, I'd love to hear some objective opinions.

Michael, you said it quite well: we try to pick a negative name and do positive things.

Thanks again,

Broken name, perfect service.

commented: Not bad at all. Me likes it .. +0

I like that one!

@adam_k, that is a really good one!

What about taken-names.com? just a a kind of joke on the wording :)

@mortenstorgaard, i don't get it....

If OLD is GOLD then trust is BROKEN

(V) Broken Shop to Fix Cracks Heart (V) hows that ?

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