Will we get registered with vBulletin directly or it will show your name on it. Also can we migrate all data from phpBB to VBulletin. After one year of expiry how much we have to pay for its renewal and every year we have to pay for its renewal?



Why not add smf to the list? Smf is free and open source code. Additional, you can find a lot of add on modules where you can build up a unique community.

I think it is good to start with open source software and later migrate to VB or other paid service once you have organized your community. :confused:

I started with phpBB and eventually migrated to vBulletin.

I use phpbb because of the easy to use interface and best of all NO ADS


I am still using phpbb with lots of mods. Now its SEO compatible and looks very good. Only thing is not lots of active users i know its not the fault of software.

Trying to Make my fourm more SEO freindly etc etc Lets see how it works out


I use phpbb because of the easy to use interface and best of all NO ADS

What do you mean no ads? Do you mean that it's free software you can download? Other similar software would be SMF, for example.

I help run a forum that uses mybb but it just doesn't seem as nice as vb or ipb... All the styling is also done in xml which is a bit of a nightmare.

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