Hello guys, i have been suffering since a few days on forum posting. My problem is that i am not being able to add any link on the forum site. Mostly it is going to be banned or removed. But on some site they are accepting. Mostly not accepting. Please help me how can i make my post with link on the first shot. Help me guys. Thanks

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It all depends what you're linking to and what site you're talking about (you mentioned it happens on multiple sites).

Each site shall have it's own rules on what you can include, so it is up to them what you can post however the chances are if it is linking to pornographic, illegal or material which could otherwise cause offence then it shall be blocked.
On this forum this is certainly the case, and is not only for the safety and well being of the community, but also security as a lot of these types of sites contain malicious code.

Thanks for the reply, no i didnt post anything about illegal activity, i tried to make a advertise by a post and to create a link of a site regarding finace. Can you suggest me where i can get the rules of forum posting in this site?

The rules are here and the link is at the bottom of every page on DaniWeb.

The most pertinent section in relation to link posting being:

Keep It Spam-Free

Do ensure that all posts contain relevant content and substance and are not simply vehicles for external links, including signature links

Do not post any affiliate links or links to off-site ecommerce sites or auctions

Do not sign your posts with 'fake signatures'; Use the signature facility from your profile editor

Your post in Show Off Your Projects has been undeleted and the infraction given reversed, as that forum is for any kind of project that a member may be involved with including websites etc. All the best, and welcome to DaniWeb.

i want to work and post adds in forum

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