You have to build stong backlinks for your website. Submitting links in blogs, forums and articles. Guest posting is the best way to promote your keywords and get some strong backlinks.

Guest post on varous blogs and news sites is a vital way to increase links.

if you want to increase backlinks then you should try thease simple steps :

Directory Submission
Local Business Listing
Article Submission
PPT Submission
Press Release Submission
Social Bookmaking Submission
Blog Posting & Commenting

To get backlinks, Do SEO Offpage activity.
Social Bookmarking, Blog Comment, Article Submission, Guest Post, Document Sharing.
Try to get links from your relevant niche. It helps kewords in ranking.

To increase baclinks you have to do
Directory Submission
Article Submission
Social Bookmaking Submission

I am a SEO rookie. Is there an easy way to use Google Search and Google Blog Search to list that it is a Do follow link and the Page rank?

share our websites you will get backlinks for our site
google +

should concentarte on web 2.0 sites you can get more back links as soon

Make ur on-page seo friendly with good quality content, optimizied under google and seo guidelines, and make good backlink related to ur website, where some traffic are visited in ur website, and make informative update which help you to maintain ur visitor visit again.

If you really need back links you need plan for it for directory submission and social bookmarks and also for the facebook fan page and make them people like it and also if you need more fast article submission and blog posting that’s make your site in the main page of Google if you working day by day its take times but very positive results.

There are many way to promote our websites like .. dir bookmarking article blog classified as well as forum

joins forums that allow signature.

You should do social bookmarking for your website, so you will get enough traffic and even strong backlink from you website.

Hi all, have you heard about SEOCLERKS? they will help you boosting your Ranking 30 PR7-PR8-PR9 backlinks to rank top in search dofollow,edu,web20,gov,google for $12.

To increase backlinks to your website, do article submission, blog posting, comment on niche blogs.

News websites gets lots of visits. First and foremost thing, Update news all the time, people will automatically come, if interesting they will comment and share the news to social media. Before doing anything start updating news all the time.

You should do off page techniques such as blog commenting, forum submission, Press Release, directories, guest blogging etc to get high quality backlinks.

if you want to increase your backlinks of the sie then you have to visit the more and more marketing forum discuss all your matters and leave the backlinks then you can increase you backlinks and leave the link of your site on every site

Firstly do all the seo activities to get more popularity of the site or for the promotion of the brand,once traffic will starts driving on your's site more chance would be there to get the bancklinks

You can increase backlinks for your website using off page optimization techniques like social bookmarking, article submission, directory submission etc.

Content submission, social bookmarking and blogging

You can increase website backlink by help of ‘Off Page SEO’ submission task.

  • Social Bookmarking
  • Blog Posting
  • Article Submission
  • Forum Posting
  • Classified add Submission
  • Guest Posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Work on web 2.0 sites
  • Image and video sharing
  • RSS feed

Authorized link buildings like social bookmarking , directory , forum posting, ppt submission , profile creation etc,

Do seo activites as far as possible,use unique and informative content,use better keyword management this all activites would sound good and would be very effective to get the backlinks.

Hii all,

Directory submisssion is useful or not for making good backlinks .

Lots of methods to create Back links for your website, Below I am showing some methods :-

Article Submissions
web 2.0
Blog Creation
PPT Submission
CSS submissions
Video Submissions
Image Submission
Discussion Pages
Social Bookmarking
Business Listing
Link Building
Guest Posting
Comment posting

Follow these tasks & you can create many back links...


You can use SMO or SEO to get back links.

you can use soicalbookmarking, post article in website blog, social media, local business listing etc....

According to the matt cutts link building techniques are still effective in a future of the search engine optimization.

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