I'm surprised no-one asked this before, but here goes, If Mark Zuckerberg is such an all round good guy, straight up and down person, how come Facebook hasn't got a bad words filter of any description?
I'm not a regular contributor, in fact I started my account only because I moved from England to Cyprus, to keep in touch with family, but thereby lies the problem. Many of my 'friends' on there are minors, my nephews and nieces back in the UK. Now, I have 'friends' here that post profanities in almost every sentence, don't get me wrong, I'm not a prude, I swear and cuss with the best, but not in front of children, so why is it allowed on FB? Unless the site is designated as 'Adult' which FB is not, cussing and profanity should be filtered. Am I right, or am I just way behind the times on this?

Personally, swears and what-not don't bother me as long as they aren't directed at me out of ill-intent. I couldn't count the number of times I've sworn on Facebook since I first registered back in.........Ah well I don't remember when. On forums like this, which I deem as "professional" I think filters are appropriate but on Facebook, I'm not bothered at all.

My 2 pennies.

I'm not bothered about swearing per-se, but, being an old fashioned kind of guy, I do believe that a 'social' network should remember that, especially in this day and age, a lot of minors, some not even in their teens yet, are using computers/smartphones etc, and accessing these sites. I don't like the idea that my six year old great neice should ask her mummy what a C&&t is, would you?

I don't like the idea that my six year old great neice should ask her mummy what a C&&t is, would you?

Funny you should say that because my 11 year old asked me what that was a couple of days ago. I told him it was a derogatory word for vagina and that he wasn't aloud to say it. He crinkled his nose at that and that was the end of the conversation. I guess I'm cut from a different cloth because I swear at home, not at anyone but just in general conversation and I've given my kids an age limit (14) where they are aloud to start with some basic swears like sh&t for instance. I warn them that if they get caught swearing outside of home, like at school, they'll be in trouble but so far there have been no reported instances. Back to social networking, I thought there was an age minimum for people who sign up to Facebook? Or was that Youtube? I can't recall. At any rate, maybe an age restriction is better suited (although easily bypassable)? As for the kids using all these new technologies, my kids do but I actually monitor what they do on their phones, Facebook, Youtube, and other accounts they have. I think parents need to be more involved with their kids in general but that's just my opinion.

I think parents need to be more involved with their kids in general but that's just my opinion.

Totally agree with that! I was born only 9 years after the end of WW2 and my parents and their peers still had a sense of respect for others and self respect, something that I find sadly lacking in later generations. Sorry if I sound like an old f&rt, but the avatar says it all!
Social networks have their place in the new world, but 'industrial language' as my old dad used to call it, does not belong there.

Facebook is one of the best social media site for those who are well professaional and not to add, share to any of guys who are not realted to his business. But nowadays its uses are going badly from youngsters who are not worry about any of results by using the dummy id.

I think it has gained a huge name and also its features and all the other cool apps are just tremendouly amazing . So thats why people just love to eplore themselves more and more.

Facebook or myspace is one of the best public networking website for those who are well professaional and not to add, discuss to any of people who are not realted to his company.

I am not a big fan of the facebook, I love Google plus , this is best social media site for me.

The only "Professional" site I have seen is LinkedIn. All other sites ie Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and whatnot are not professional in nature.

Maybe not professional in nature, but certainly a lot of businesses are able to make a lot of money from Facebook, Twitter, etc. You'd be surprised.

To answer the question posed earlier, it's federal US law that a website cannot collect any personal information, or allow any freeform posting, etc., from anyone under 13 (without a signed parental consent COPPA form faxed to the organization).

I guess I'm referring to demeanor with "normal" people on social networking sites. I know there's money to be made off of Facebook, Twitter, and the likes but the normal people, at least on my friend's list, are not professional (and I love it!).

You can also create different groups for different Facebook friends, and allow the people communicating in one group (i.e. friends) to not have anything to do with wall posts in oantoher group (i.e. coworkers).

I have never delved that far into Facebook to know that you could do that. That's good to know though and I'm going to look into that.

I like fce book. it has very useful and profitable.

and even find long lost friends that you haven't spoken to in years

LoL, that's exactly why my wife does NOT have Facebook. She uses Facebook vicariously through me and that's more than enough for her.

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