which social networking site can replace facebook

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Sadly none :/

If yahoo start social networking then he can

If yahoo start social networking then he can

Its all about how they will advertise them selfs ... but yeah its good idea ! :)

That will totally replace Facebook? Currently unknown ... but that doesn't mean that Facebook's future killer isn't currently in stealth mode building up capital, or perhaps has yet to be invented. On the Internet, anything can happen over the course of a day's time.

At Present time,no social networking can replace facebook.Facebook is the best world-wide networking site and also long time process.

Facebook is not just social networking site right now it is now the part of life so its tough to replace Facebook for any social networking site

Guys everything have beggining and END you know that clearly... MySpace, HI5, Messenger... and much other sites have been shuted down because facebook and facebook will be shuted down after some year and i guess it will 2017

According to me Facebook is the one of the social media site which will be remain forever networking site. Actually Facebook is the social network where index of life like birth and death can be maintained and it get simplified when feature called timeline get added to it. Am not saying this happens first time in the internet history. Many comes like My space, Friendster and AltaVista but they cant collect the audience like facebook. May be fb will remain long for ever, 901 million users later,its truly something different. May be in future something will come but according to me it cant overtake FB.

I have this 9 apps list which could challenge FB.

Highlight - number of users unpublished)

Path - 3 million users Founded by ex-Facebooker Dave Morin

Pinterest - 11.5 million monthly active users connected through Facebook, according to AppData

Viddy - 36 million monthly active users connected to Facebook, according to AppData

Tumblr - 56 million blogs

Google+ - 90 million accounts, In terms of format, Google's social network is the closest thing to Facebook. But it's not nearly as successful.

Twitter - 140 million active users

LinkedIn - 161 million accounts

Bonus edition: Airtime 0 users

With the dominance of the Facebook users, right now no one can stand a chance. Next in line with users is a long shot!

I think Pinterest can replace facebook, it can bring huge visitors and improve your brand image

every social media sites have their own features and characteristics so according to their importance we use it and i think facebook will dominate in the market because of its popularity and its usage,facebook can't be replaced by anyone

i think there is no other site which can replace the facebook

Its not easy to beat face book but if it will happen then G+ will come in may be.

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No social networking site will ever replace FB

Well right now facebook is considered to be attracting a lot of interests.Maybe in the future if a social networking site is created which outbeats fb feature then everyone will turn their attention

James singizi: if you truly believe that, you don't know very much about the internet and how people think.

Facebook's popularity is already falling. trying to stay 'cool', innovating and popular is one of the main reasons they choose to buy up a lot of other applications, rather than competing with them.

Facebook had a real boom when it was just new, and the most of the existing users won't delete their account - a pretty large number actually has already or will in the near future deleted theirs, but still - but Facebook isn't the 'new kid on the block' any more.

the hype is gone. Facebook is now just 'one of the options' they have, and it becomes increasingly difficult to, not only attract new members, but also to keep them as members.
The number of Facebook 'virusses' is growing daily, the infected accounts even more rapidly. not to mention the number of spammers who see Facebook accounts, pages and groups as easy targets (which they actually are).

and at that point, I'm not even mentioning the millions of members who are not smart enough to realize how to use a social network. for a lot of them, Facebook is just the place to share every single one picture of the total ten thousand they make daily of their cat napping, their cat eating, their cat freaking out, ... basically, instead of having a life, they create a "Look-At-My-Cat" series.
or those proud parents, who have to share the news that the newest addition to their family just made a poopsie ... (picture included, because they want to be 'thorough' -> not kidding here)

Facebook has the luck that (at this point) they have a lot of members, and they've earned enough money to buy up some (possible future) contenders, thus removing the competition, and improving their own value.

but the members are getting more and more annoyed by their constant changing of functionalities and UI, without informing the user, let alone asking for their opinion.

ten years ago, nobody thought msn or winamp would ever be out of sight. well, they're both gone now. there's no way to predict for sure how it'll go. Facebook has it's advantages, but over time, it'll become simply obsolete.

Well the time is for the Mobile Apps to interact with eachothers and WhatsAap has already grabbed the market of more than 500 million active users over the globe. More interestingly, Facebook has bought WhatsAap now and it mean Facebook captured mobile market too. So, for upcoming 5 to 10 years, Facebook will remain a Social Networking King whether it is a desktop Facebook site or a mobile app...

it'll remain in existing, but to say it 'll remain "king" is foolish.
unless of course you have inside information about each and every webdeveloper around the world.

we have no idea what other networks 'll pop up, trying to either be competetive, or being bought out.
the big facebook buzz has faded already, and all a new network must do is provide some "new features".
a few examples:

  • decent privacy protection
  • no advertisements
  • a stable gui that doesn't change (for the worse) every time the user blinks his eyes
  • a better control over malware working on it's applications
  • ...

"aaaaand awaaay we go"

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