I am currently using Google AdSense only on my dating sites.

I saw some websites promote Adsense along with other ads.

Should I use Adsense along with other ads on my sites?

Thanks very much!

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It depends on your own. I believe strongly CPA is a good plus for you to earn extra money.

I think it is always best to maximize your potential. I suggest that you run other ads in addition to your adsense program.

Not sure how much adsense is effective these days, but to run any advertisement based revenue model.. you need to have good incoming traffic on your website..

Other Contextual ads link are not allowed according to google privacy policy.

Last time I checked the adsense policy, you could ad other contexual ads on the same page as google. You however cannot share a space for ads and show the one that pays more either cpm or cpc. But this was about a year ago and things might have changed, it's worth looking over the adsense terms of use.

I would stick with adsense for now unless you aren't trying to grow your traffic any more. More ads tend to clutter up your site and detract from new customers liking the product. If you are comfortable with your current customers and traffic you could always put in another ad stategically somewhere.

I would stick with adsense for now unless you aren't trying to grow your traffic any more.

I can't imagine a situation where you would want to minimize your traffic. I'd assume 'the more, the merrier' theory would apply, especially for a dating site.

Marketing a website is often about experimentation, trying all the advertising methods available to you within your budget, and sticking with what works.

You can use other contextual ads with AdSense as long as they don't mimic the look and feel of AdSense ads, or in any way cause confusion as to what is an AdSense ad and what isn't.

Of course, you can put every ad known to man on your site, but with each ad spot vying for eyeballs, the clickthru rate of each ad decreases. It's also been said that Google now factors into their algorithm the number of above-the-fold ads, and the ratio of ads to content on a page.

IMO, the fewer ad placements the better. However, I'm not saying put all your eggs in one basket. If you want to get a little more complicated than just AdSense, sign up for DFP (Google's DoubleClick for Publishers) ad server. You can sign up for a couple of different ad networks, and rotate them in the same ad spot. You can plug in the average CPM you're getting from the other networks, and Google will automatically show AdSense anytime it has a higher-paying ad.

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