Can anyone please help me how to get my facebook page verified as facebook is now verifying the authentic page

Ok. It means facebook will itself verify it?

dear adamhmiles ,

facebook is varifying only celebretity profile pages, like some movie stars like tom cruise, anglina jolie, etc. to name a few. This is to confirm their identity.

The common people like you and me, are not to varify our profile.

twitter already has this feature.

Yeah I know about Twitter
But about verfying a fan page?

Adam - Facebook is determining which pages get the verification stamp, and is not letting on the criteria it uses when making the decision to review a page for verificattion let alone how it determines a valid page once that review process is underway. All we do know for sure is that Facebook isn't interested in people asking to be included in the verification process, it will simply ignore any such requests.

Means I have to wair to get my page verified!

this is fairly explain learn from them.

YES! Thank you

Nice post dear. Thanks for sharing it..

Thank you mate

Thansk for this discussion.

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