I am addicted to facebook. I am blooger and used social media as my helping instrument. But in my view facebook is the place where people come to see "what things are happeing in life of others".

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I wouldn't consider myself addicted to Facebook, Twitter, etc. although I do use them throughout the day. However, I use them primarily as a tool to keep in touch with business colleagues and promote what's going on with DaniWeb. If it weren't for DaniPad / DaniWeb, I would probably rarely use them.

Yes. Most of the people are aware of Facebook rather than other social network and they are not showing their interest on having more social account to share more update. As my point of view, most of the personal information update has gone through Facebook only.

Facebook, undoubtedly, has the important critical mass factor but that does not mean it's the only player in town; not on an individual or more holistic basis. It's certainly not unusual, in my experience, for people to maintain multiple social networks - although they generally use one more than the others. I have active, listed here in order of my activity upon them, accounts with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and some others which I've not really started using properly yet such as Ideapod.

Well To be honest, i am not so addicted to face book, i use it when i have nothing to do and this time comes once or hardly twice a week. but i have seen many people infact most of our geeration is badly addicted to facebook.

I am addicted to facebook, what i can do ?

No, i'm not.

Yes, I am a fabook addicted. I spend most of my time facebook to chat withmy friends and relatives.

I'm also Addicted on facebook. :)

when facebook lanched in the market , most of the guy get creazy for the facebook and keeponline . facebook game fairmvilla and other game are also keep online most of the gye . I am amslo one of them .

yes i think many people facebook is part of their life, it is also a big help for those want to have access in business.

Yes, I am also addicted. In facebook poeple like funny stuffs. But they can be interested to your topics if you can find targetted people.

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