Please suggest me some tips and steps which should I take after hitting my website by Penguin 2.0 #4. I found some related information like remove bad links and directory links but I don’t think that can solve my problem properly so please suggest some more tactics.

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Penguin is a penalty for over-optimization. You get hit by Penguin when you have an unnatural looking backlink profile. From what I understand, everyone who has recovered from Penguin has done so primarily by getting rid of bad backlinks and directory links, and making their backlink profile look completely natural (lots of super organic social media type backlinks, no sitewide backlinks, etc). Also ensure that you are not using the same anchor text for all of your backlinks: it has to look completely natural.

Thanks Dani to provide me good info, i have already removed some bad links and i'm still working on it. I'm also requesting to remove autogenerated links of my posts by other sites.

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