SEO and SEM- two crtical terms- which is more imp?

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SEM is search engine marketing which mainly include getting your site listed in search engine results which can be done by ppc(pay per click).

SEO on the other hand is a part of SEM.

As LastMitch said both SEO and SEM are both important you can't really make a choice between.However if you are low on buget and don't want to spend on ppc then SEO apears better provided that you have time and expertise to do so.

both are important for the traffic seo is base and smo is the awareness to the people

SEO is more important through which we can get top place on Search engine,which inturn called as SEM.

we can not decide which is most important because both are depends on each other, in internet marketing SEO and SEM both are impotant factors for business.

SEO is more better than SEM because For SEM we have to pay for each click on our ads. Using SEO we can rank our website in search engine result page.

2014 is all about SMO but SEO still has importance but SMO is little more

Hello sir you can not decide which is important,
social media optimization is important for seo ansd is important for creating brand name, promoting you company and product SMO is best option.

Both are very important to get traffic and to increase page rank

SEO is way to get the traffic thorugh the SERP result which are organic.
On the other hand SEM is way to popular the website both from SEO and PPC (pay per click).

Your SEO will help feed your SEM. SEO, SEM, PPC and SMM all go hand and hand. It can be a daunting task to address all of them at a level where they are adequately complimenting one another and producing the desired results. If you are at a loss and have an online marketing budget then it is a good practice to look into some firms that specialize in these areas.

seo is the important factor in which you can find the better rankings

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