hai fRndzZ this z a new way 2 earn mny

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If you read the rules, especially this one: 'Do not write in all uppercase or use "leet", "txt" or "chatroom" speak' and then try againhaving thought through exactly what it is you want to ask, you may get some sensible answers. That said, if you really want to know if e-commerce is a new way to make money then I very much doubt you will. The answer, by the way, is no it is not new at all...

yes i agree, its time to make money in eCommerce.e-commerce, online shop, selling products online and make money with eCommerce is fast way to earn money in this Internet technology age.

Yes.. Starting up an online store can increase the profitability of the business. But be sure in selcting the rigth ecommerce software.

I heard http://www.uniecommerce.com/ providing unique solution combining group deals and online auction along with regular ecommerce.

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