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Well facebook is very much popular from the last three years and become a great platform for advertisement as well. But now a new socialnetworking Pinterest comes and a lot of user have beed joined this. There was a time when orkut is very poular after Mysapce so will Pinterest break this popularity of facebook?


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I've been hearing little bits about Pinterest lately, but I don't think it's as feature-rich, nor serves the same purpose as Facebook, and therefore most likely won't displace it from the social media throne anytime soon. I can see one of two things happening:

  1. Facebook buys Pinterest, and adds to its already large collection of unmonetized acquisitions (a la Instagram)
  2. Pinterest fades away on its own

I suspect that number 1 is most likely, given that Facebook has quite a decent acquisitions purse as the moment.

I think Pinterest is nice but Face book is the Best on my opinion.....
what should you think....?????

Both are good... but facebook is preferable

I use both of them, but I like Pinterest a lot more than Facebook. Facebook started like a simple and intuitive social network, but now it very complex and complicated.

Pinterest is one of the good sites. used in USA rampantly. But Facebook is the king of social media now. pinterest needs more time to beat facebook.

@Dani but i have heard that Google is making deal Pinterest ? is that true

pinterest is quike difficult to use insted of facebook

Pinterest VS Facebook - I think facebook is best place to promote your business or services in online market.

Pinterest now a days is really making name,but for me facebook is still effective because there are a lot of people are still using facebook rather than pinterest however pinterest is also one of a great tool for seo things.

well i really dont think so that pinterest is so capable to replace the position of facebook..
however it can gain popularity no doubt but replacing is a big no..

I think facebook has been the best and hold loads of features but pinterest not the same. But still I use both for my networking. :)

Facebook will be number 1.Pinterest is now slowly loosing it sheen.

I'm both on Facebook and on Pinterest. Both are useful in their sphere. If your niche is not visual, pinterest will do you no good. If you can turn your message into images, you can get tons of traffic from Pinterest, but you have to do it right. I was surprised at how many people started coming in and also re-pinning my stuff. It took me a while to build my fan page on FB, and I'm still working on it, but on Pinterest, I got over 800 following me in a hurry, and growing. The very evening I joined and pinned my first images, I got action from the site. It is a very active community! I like it more than Facebook in that the response is quick and direct, you can send lots of people to a particular post just by pinning it. Whereas on Facebook, with their new changes, your followers not always get to see your posts, and that is a drawback. I think there is room for both in a well-prepared social media kit!

No way Pinterest will beat facebook (they would be aquired by then)

Pinterest is growing amazingly and now as the last year Google plus has gone large and beyond the limits.Both these new social media sites are growing fastley and large number of users rushing toward these social sites becaus of their quality work.I think one day they will beat Facebook and Twitter.

@SJaved7, there is no possible way they can overrun Facebook or twitter...

FaceBook is dominate over Pinterest. FaceBook is complete about promotion but Pinterest is only for Image.

Lets think this way... Facebook is like Google and Pinterest is like bing.... which do you use more?

if your website is with viral photo pinterest is better than facebook>>>

Well i think pinterest is really a good social networking website but not enough to chase facebook. Fb provides lots of features to the users which makes it very popular in the youth.

I do not put my hand in the fire for any social media site. Having said that, I really believe that there is room for Pinterest in a well-rounded campaign (if your site is visual, if it isn't don't waste your time,) because of the impact that images can make on the public. If your niche is not visual but you can make attractive and informative Infographics, they are tremendously popular on Pinterest and are avidly re-pinned by pinners there, take advantage of Pinterest and use it. That way, you can reach a sector of the public that otherwise would probably not come to your site. I do not contend that they will beat anyone, but I enjoy the ton of traffic they send me and the positive responsiveness of pinners!

Hi friend bot are good but my point of view facebook is best.

Facebook and Pinterest having different features and holds their own users. So its not good giving rank to two sites which are working under different concepts..

I am using Facebook for my business and it helpes to grow my brand image. I like facebook more than Pinterest.

In my opinion facebook is best. It gives the all facilities for the promotion and explains the emotions.

before using pinterest i used say or advise for facebook, but after using pinterest my mind has changed. You get instant traffic from it and with quality backlinks. What else you need ? :P

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