I simply cannot log into Facebook. It asks me to change my password which I have done a number of times and still no luck. I do know the email is still good because I had aonther Facebook user send me a message and I received it in that email account.

Thank you for taking time to answer this.

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have you tried to use from any mobile device? it happened to me when i login from my cell phone and when i login by my computer it asked me to change my password.... it will be better to givfe any snapshot of error while logging-in.

No, only from my computer. I don't even know how to log in from a mobile device.

When I log in, it just gives me the page over to sign in again with blanks as if I hadn't already tried. After a few times it asks me to reset my password which I have tried a number of times.

have you checked it from anyother system.... try that probably your password has been hacked or any other security threat. you should mail to facebook admin for you complain hopefully they will sort out your problem :)

I have tried to contact them but they seem inundated with complaints. Coincidetally, I got an email saying so just after I posted my question here. But still they have been no help.

I did check it from another computer and had the same result.

I appreciate your trying to help.

first of all make sure that you are typing the correct chracters of ur email address. and then see that your password is in case sensitive or not. log in looking these suggestions

Yes, I made sure of both of those. Many times.

Haven't yet solved the problem?

No, I haven't.

please get a snap shot of the error which you encounter probably can be of help

There is no error message. What happens is I try to sign in. Then instead of going to my page it give me the login page with the boxes blank, again as if I hadn't just tried to log in.

I can understand that your problem because I have already faced it sometimes Facebook send a message to ask for change the password of your facebook account.
Suppose you have made a mistake while log in your Facebook account then when you login successfully your Facebook account. You will recieved a message from Facebook that ask for change the password. But if you don't want to change your password then skip it.

Yes, I'm aware of that. But it still won't let me log in.

Just mail to facebook from your email-id and ask them for help in this regard because this is their service issue you have tried all the possible issues at user end but still if you have problem then it is a service issue just send a mail to facebook admin from your mailbox

We have been emailing

Actually I am at my work place and here we have banned facebook and twitter kinda things. so i will be able to check this problem after my office I will tell you if i got any solution :)

Now my problem is when I log in it asks me to log in again to do anything else and then THAT doesn't work.

After searching i concluded that your email-id is blocked by facebook due to some reason....

Then why can I login now but not go to other applications?

First of all make sure that you are typing the correct characters of your email address and password.
If the problem not solved then press "forget the password" link and follow the instructions to get your original password.
facebook corporation will send your password in your mail address.
then you can easily log into Facebook.

I have tried that MANY times. But finally I got the answer. I have downloaded Google Chrome and that did the trick. Thank you everyone who has tried to help me.

Facebook always experiences problems like this. It will possibly correct itself. If not contact facebook.

I have contacted Facebook numerous times. I had this problem for months.

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