I've been researching into buying products from Globalsources.com and Alibaba.com. I have the capabilities of ranking websites, and I'm in a specific home appliance niche at the momement (testing in progress). My question is if I buy products overseas at a "relatively low cost", can I expect to sell them through Amazon and/or my website? I don't want to be giving away "X" for Christmas to family members (surplus of product!) if I buy from a supplier, and I also don't want razor thin margins and possible customer complaints with drop shipping. We can seo with BacklinksVault.com but not sure if that's going to be enough to make this worth while. Look forward to thoughts.

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I have an idea about drop shipping but ship yourself ? I want to know also but is shipyourself means you ship/deliver your products yourself to others?

drop shipping is you buy to the suplier only when your customer buy on your webstite and the suplier don't shipp to you he direcly shipp to customers it it's very good business but don't use paypal for it ;)
shipp by yourself mean you buy from your suplier and suplier shipp to you after you shipp to your customers look loong term and customer will loose confidence if he don't receive in 2 week or you must buy all what you want sell and when your customers buy you have just to shipp. IMPORTANT
-Dropshipp will help you to save money on shipping charges and time but you must very good relation with suplier and customers.
-If you have money buy all what you want sell and and directly shipp when your customers buy.
hope it help you

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