Hello guys, I hope all of you are doing well.

Well I am working on a project in a company. Currently we are working to design our pre launch signup page (coming soon page/squeeze page) and hope to be done with it soon. But I am confused about one thing which is very crucial. And that is how to promote a pre launch signup page (coming soon page/squeeze page) so we can catch the attention of early adopters and let them signup with their email address for further updates? I have gone through some blogs to get some better ideas but still I am confused because different people are using different methods.

Our platform will be a outsourcing marketplace and we have some unique value propositions. Our target audiences are startup focused technology entrepreneurs/companies.

I believe lots of experienced peoples are here to help me with this. If you have any question please let me know so we can make clear discussion.

Thanks in advance! :)

Jimmy, I may have a lot of answers to your questions, but there's one important question that remains here and that is what you're trying to market. Unfortunately, I'm a bit lost on this. One thing is definitely key and that's having a sign-up form on your webpage. If you notice our coming soon page, we don't have our sign-up form installed yet, but that's not to say we aren't in the process of doing so! With a little more information, I can help you alot more!

Hello, thanks for your reply. As I said before, our platform/service is a outsourcing marketplace and we want to market it to startup technology enterprunuer. Any precise advice will be so much appreciated.

Okay from what I'm understanding it's a simple matter of promotion. Let me ask you this Jimmy, besides Daniweb have you or has someone from your company engaged yourself in social media circles or other forums / chat boards related to your company's niche?

The answer is yes.

So that's good that you're utilizing free social media circles to promote your product. My second recommendation would be to submit yourself to some fairs or conventions related to your niche and also look at doing writing rich content for your page or for other articles.

Thanks. You really pointed some great points. But currently we are focusing to build our audience from interner. Later we will be doing press release, attending fairs and conventions etc. Well for gaining attention of people what should I do efectively?

its better to go for social media for that purpose

Yes, it's true to aim forwards to social media, but if you really have no actual presence yet in the community, you're going to need something that the community wants. Ask yourself these questions - who is your audience (I think you already understand that), where do they hang out, when do they socialize, why should they connect with you, what do they want to know about and how do they want information sent to them? Start by seriously delving into those answers and then you'll start to make your "mark".

Thansk. You really marked some good questions and I really appreciate your effort so much.

I already have some answer for those questions. What is your suggestion for building social media audience from scratch?

It's never an easy deal when trying to gather a social media auidence from scratch. There's two ways to accomplish this, online and offline. It's very important to have a combination of both, but you're more likely to make an impact offline, especially if you're engaged with a client you've personally met via a non-online social connection. If you're going for online - the best and FREE way is to utilize twitter. If you're company has rich and inviting content that people want or even people want to read about, then you're going to gather followers. In turn, followers usually means profit (in some form or another). Also, never be afraid to reiterate your promotions or content more than once, you just don't want to really overdo it! One great (but sometimes frowned) tactic is to promote yourself via flyers or even a cold call. You may have to gather your followers, just by researching your local areas. Don't always go for big name companies, especially if you're starting out. Good luck.

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